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Model not casting shadow

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My model appears to be a vampire, won't cast a shadow

While I could spend countless hours tweaking and testing and recompiling this model, I figure I might as well ask on the off chance theres someone with the know-how. Its so specific I doubt I could find it quickly enough by searching the valve dev site, which I have done. 

I have a model I need to cast soft shadows on itself, if it matters its SFM, so SDK 2007 basis applies.

The model however will not cast shadows on itself, nor the ground. I'm sure it has something to do with the .qc file, but I don't know which parameter it is. 

Now, I did not create this model but I am planning on modifying it a bit to my needs for a specific scene, however if I can't get soft shadows inside the cabin its kinda not worth the trouble. 

Here are all the parameters unique to the model, listed under $attachments and $cdmaterials
$surfaceprop "metalvehicle"
$contents "solid"
$hboxset "default"
$hbox 0 "base" -70 27.5 -312.5 70 182.5 312.5
$hboxset "entryboxes"
$hbox 1 "base" -1.5 28.5 -1.5 1.5 31.5 1.5
Do any of these tell the engine not to cast shadows? I'll find out soon enough but I'd still like to know for future reference; I have other models that have this issue too.


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    Probably a problem with the textures. Make sure you actually set up the scene correctly (use other models to check). Also make sure the vmt has $ambientocclusion 1 and $phong 1.


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