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Possible to "factory reset" drivers?

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Alright I made a mistake some months ago, 
I bought my gaming PC back in..... summer 2018. That wasn't the mistake,

It came with an AMD Raedon RX 570 GPU, beautiful piece of work, runs everything I play crystal clear, although has minor issues with RTR shadow filters.

I don't remember the version but I wanna say it had 15.7 or something..... 7.15? not sure anymore, to think I almost wrote it down.

Anyway on to the mistake, see I bought Farming Simulator 17 and it would not launch, a fix mentioned updating AMD drivers, as it was listed as a common problem.

Well I went to AMD's website, not knowing anything --- -this was my first CAPABLE pc of my life, I naively figured everything that would work would work or whatever ---  "It should sort itself out" I thought.
I downloaded the only update I could get the site to offer me, which was something called Adrenalin [sic] and I went through the installation process and everything.

Both the website and the installer SUGGESTED a "clean install" which meant it would completely uninstall my driver and reinstall it. So I did.

Figures it would wait until I had UNINSTALLED the driver in the process to tell me my 570 was incompatible with that Adrenaline driver version or whatever. So it said it would reinstall the "latest version of...." I forget the exact message, but it barely changed anything EXCEPT the loss of the control panel. 

Problem thus started when I got the installation finished, I noticed my AMD settings had vanished; on further inspection the actual control panel .exe's and .dlls or whatever that run that vanished from the AMD folder.

It wasn't much of a problem, I got Farm Sim working, as promised, all my other games worked, albiet I noticed some artifacting on certain games that wasn't there before (BeamNG.Drive's dynamic grass; a known issue with "up-to-date amd drivers" it says.... just my luck), so I still wondered if I had screwed something up.

I've ignorred the problem for a good while now, only now my issue is with Sims 3, and its infamous lack of Vertical Sync or a framelimiter; the self help threads I run across involve manually overriding the setting via the AMD control panel --- which I no longer have. 

My question is, is there a way to reset my graphics to whatever was factory shipped with the PC without critically fucking up all my PC data? I forget the version number. Or if I'm worrying about nothing, is there a way I can get my control panel back since it didn't seem to install one with the "update"? I have checked the site, just about every option railroads me into getting an Adrenalin downloader exe (tremendous site, 10/10 would use again...) 

Preferably without formatting memory or windows settings, the latter being flexible.

I'm afraid to touch anything else, what can I do?
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    Yea AMD Settings uninstalls itself sometimes, god knows why but hey it does

    ''adrenalin'' isn't the driver, it is the software package that will present itself simply as your AMD Settings once installed. If your installation failed, just try again. If you used the auto-downloader I'm guessing that's what went wrong, just go to the download page and pick the one you need

    I'm inferring you already tried the ''roll back driver'' in your device manager? I don't know if that option got fucked when the installer deleted your old driver, but if you didn't try that yet I suppose it's worth a shot.

    AFAIK adrenalin does not natively have the option to roll back your driver, but as well as I understand that's not your problem, anyway. Just try to install the software again and it'll probably work.

    I don't know if you bought a brand-name machine or a pre-built custom, but in the prior's case you should be able to find the pre-installed software on the manufacturer's website. If the latter you could try contacting the vendor.
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