M100 ain't no good, any suggestions?

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Looking for a better recommendation for a mouse that isn't a uber gaming mouse. And I want wires, cordless mouses just make you a slave to battery companies. I remember having a Logitech M100 for an excess of like 5 years hard labor before anything broke on it. After which I was able to rig it up to work for a while longer than that before it utterly died.
Looking for longevity and reliability for under 15-20 bucks. 

I had this one since last year and the cord is shorting out from being pinched.
I looked inside the mouse and found the cord is ridiculously pinched around 2 sharp right angles, when I wiggle the cord from there the mouse loses power for a brief moment until it wiggles back.

I drilled a hole in the housing to the left side to bypass the pinch point but the damage is done as it still constantly disconnects and reconnects as I maneuver the mouse.

I notice a crease where the wires been bent sharply inside the housing, and that spot is where I can wiggle and almost on demand kill the mouse.

You bend anything back and forth enoguh times at a tight angle its gonna sever so I'm guessing the wire inside the cord is split somewhere along there. 

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    I've been using the Cherry MC 2000 for awhile and i have to say, it's a decent nice mouse to use. Feels good in your hand and responds to your daily needs.

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