Trying to set a pixel shader that failed loading

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I'm not new to source engine mechanics, but this one I have a bit of anxiety trying to tweak.
I have a map that was made for Garry's Mod that works absolutely fine there, but when I try loading that map in the Source Filmmaker the console is continuously flooded with red messages
*******Trying to set a pixel shader that failed loading!
At a rate of about 3 times a second. I can still work but with the console being just flooded with the same message it eventually crashes from an overflow.

I have mat_fullbright 1 while I work, so the shading shouldn't be enabled I should guess.

My question is: What factors contribute to that message so I can fix them or at least suppress the message temporarily?

I had similar issues with porting Half Life source models and maps (I shove everything into my SFM, kinda a bad habit really) but I fixed most of those issues by resetting the material files (Half Life 1 uses DirectX6 and 7; Source Filmmaker uses DirectX9 and above)

If it matters, the map in question is comprised of 100% custom materials; specifically MillenialFair.bsp
However several basic maps also trigger this console issue.
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