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Organize and launch all your games and media from virtual 3D arcade cabinets placed in ANY source engine map!

Hey everybody. Some of you might know me as a mapper, but this summer I set out to make a Source engine mod. I was hoping to have it completely finished by now, but due to the insane amount of only semi-expected set backs, its initial beta 1 release has been pushed back to the end of October, BUT it is far enough along now to really show what its about.

Source Media Arcade ModDB Profile

There are many videos on that profile demonstrating a handful of the features that SM Arcade has to offer, and I'm adding more as I find time to record them. "Source Media Arcade is like a 3D frontend to everything you have on your computer. Use it to organize, view, and launch any game, application, or document that you might have sitting on your hard drive somewhere. It allows you to customize any Source engine world map in real-time with links to your personal media or documents, effectively turning any map into your own personal 3D desktop. Use it to create or customize virtual arcades, image galleries, or movie screening theaters that show and launch YOUR media directly from its location on your hard drive! SM Arcade can launch anything that Microsoft Windows can launch. Pictures, videos, games, applications, web links, folders, etc. SM Arcade also caterers especially to programs that take command-line arguments, as well as Steam games and links."
Videos & Audio - Source Media Arcade Mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB You can read the SUMMARY page on the ModDB profile for a long FAQ that explains a lot about how SM Arcade works. The official forum and wiki for the mod are still under development, so I'll do my best to monitor this thread to answer any questions you guys might have. SM Sith Lord
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