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I make SA2 go REEEEEEE
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If you wish to talk to me, just PM me rather than friend requesting me.
Created Modern Sonic Adventure 2: CE
The SA2 community's most popular mod
United Kingdom (UK)
Coke or Pepsi?
Both are unhealthy, so no.

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PC Specs

Monitor 1
240Hz sRGB gaming display (this is the laptop's display)
Intel i7-10750H (6-core)
Graphics Card 1
Nvidia RTX 2060 (8GB GDDR6 VRAM)
16GB DDR4 RAM (2x 8GB slots)
Sound Card
Realtek Audio
Primary SSD
Secondary SSD
1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme 4.0
Gaming Laptop Model
MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE (2020)


SA2 Realm Discord Server
X-Hax Discord Server



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SubmissionStatsCategorySubmitter SU Marza Sonic v2.1 1mo 25d Sonic Generations icon SU Project: Redux 1mo Sonic Generations icon SG: Redux DEMO 1 - Classic Era 1mo Sonic Generations icon
Restored Mech Jump Grunts 3mo 3mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon
Why you can't download some mods 5mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon HD Modern Models Pack v9.0.3 2y 5mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon Windmill Isle Act 1 Unwiished 5mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon Icecap Act 3 REVIVAL 5mo Sonic Generations icon Physics Improvement 5mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon A little update 7mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon Soleanna Garden (NEUTRAL) v2 1y 9mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon Standards of Mods (Guidelines) 9mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon MSA2 Sonic for DX v1.1 10mo 9mo Sonic Adventure DX icon
Better Sound Effects 9mo Sonic Heroes icon
Sonic Heroes
Separate pages for mods and requests 10mo
Step it up mod requesters! 10mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon Apotos Stage Entrance HUB 12mo Sonic Adventure 2 icon If I was to ever make a Discord server for all my future projects, would y’all like to join it? 1y 1y Sonic Adventure 2 icon Modern SA2: Complete Edition 5.0 3y 1y Sonic Adventure 2 icon Sonic Heroes Intro 2y Sonic Adventure 2 icon


1,513 Ranked 22,794th Climbed 56 ranks overnight 16 points behind netcore
SubmissionCategory SU Marza Sonic v2.1 A Mod for Sonic Generations Sonic Generations icon