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Modern SA2: Complete Edition 5.0 - A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


  • - Hey y’all! So Aero released a Dash the Rabbit mod for SA2! Some of you may have already downloaded the preview version from Modern SA2 (the page you’re looking at now). So to those that already have the preview, delete that mod and cop Aero’s version as it’s the completed initial version of the mod!
  • - The “day one” patch will be releasing in around 2-3 weeks which basically fixes all the minor errors in MSA2 v5’s recent release so y’all might wanna be checking this page again in the next few weeks!
  • - “Why is this an update?” - I hear you ask yourselves, moderators. Dash the Rabbit is an easter egg for MSA2 as well as being its own separate thing. On top of that, there’s some people who won’t know that the preview version is now stale.
HAPPY NEW DECADE GUYS! MSA2 V5.0 IS HEREEEEE!!! 1y Addition14 Improvement2 CHEERS LOVE, THE CAVALRY'S HERE! 1y Addition4 Improvement MSA2: CE & Modern Animations 1.1 refinement 2y Improvement5 Suggestion Addition2 Feature MODERN SA2 4.0 IS HERE! 2y Optimization Addition32 Improvement5 Removal Overhaul

A mod that really needs updating but you’ll use it anyways lmao

1. WELCOME THE THE NEXT LEVEL of Sonic Adventure 2 modding! 

Modern Sonic Adventure 2: Complete Edition includes all-new content, including new HD gameplay models, in-game voice clips, sound effects, music and textures. Music from Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man PS4, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces, Doctor Who, and other sources have been implemented into the game!

This mod has been torn apart so you can pick and choose what part of the mod you desire!

Isn't that convenient?

2. Required Mods

Before downloading this mod, please download the following mods as MSA2 depends on them and without them you won't get the intended look and it'll crash without No Battle!


> - Menu Overhaul

> - No Battle

> - Cutscene Revamp

> - No Model Tinting

3. HD Models -  an MSA2 extension/addon you need to download

What is HD Models?

HD Modern Models is an extension of Modern SA2 until MSA2 v6 releases in late 2020 or early 2021. If you wish to use the modern character models, physics, animations, sounds, and improved SET object layouts for the speed stages, you need to download this (especially if you downloaded MSA2 CE which is the full package, as the models and animations in MSA2 v5 are rushed and poorly done). 
HD Models brings pure model ports with accurate and well-done recreations of the modern animations from 06, Unleashed, Generations and Forces, as well as some custom animations. You need to download this if you're using Modern SA2. If you want the models only, there's another download below the main one for that.
*Make sure to load this mod right at the bottom of the mod manager.
Click here to download MSA2's addon:


If you’re using MSA2 CE, and you want the boost function and a stretchy bounce effect, go into the “codes” tab of the mod manager and enable it!

I also have a PayPal too! Feel free to smash that donate button whenever you want xoxo
With that outta the way, enjoy!

4. Voice Changes

Essentially, it's entire 4Kids cast, excluding Tails, as I found his 4Kids voice to be highly cartoony.
So in this mod, Tails uses his current voice (Colleen)

5. Stage Edits for SETs (object layouts)

City Escape
Metal Harbour
Green Forest
Pyramid Cave
Final Rush
White Jungle
All stages have new textures and upscales. 
Aero made a sheet for all the new bangers used in v.5.0!

6. Music Changes

Sonic's Stages

City Escape 1 & 3 - Escape from the City (Sonic Generations)
Metal Harbour - That's the Way I Like It (S.A.M.E remix)
Green Forest - Metal Cover by ToxicxEternity
Pyramid Cave - Keys the Ruin (S.A.M.E remix)
Crazy Gadget - Crazy Gadget (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2012)
Final Rush - Metal Cover by ToxicxEternity and RichaadEB

Shadow's Stages

Radical Highway - Radical Highway Act 1 (Sonic Generations 3DS)
White Jungle - Eggman's Facility (remix) (Sonic Forces)
Sky Rail - Mr. Unsmiley (S.A.M.E remix)
Final Chase - Dark Gang instrumental (Final Chase Remix) by IIEz2

Knuckles' Stages

Wild Canyon - OC ReMix #1134: Sonic Adventure 2 'Knuckles' Unknown from M.C.' [Unknown from M.E.] by José Felix
Pumpkin Hill - King of Pumpkin Hill (Pumpkin Hill Remix) by IIEz2 
Aquatic Mine - Drip Jockey (Aquatic Mine Remix) by IIEz2
Death Chamber - Deeper (Death Chamber) (Lime Flavored Optimo Remix)
Meteor Herd - Hero Squad (Meteor Herd Remix) by IIEz2

Rouge's Stages

Dry Lagoon -
Egg Quarters - ~Jazz:Rouge~ Lovely Gate 3 (Egg Quarters) - BOMIX.
Security Hall - ~Jazz:Rouge~ I'm A Spy (Security Hall) - BOMIX.
Mad Space - ~Jazz:Rouge~ 34ºN, 12ºE (Mad Space) - BOMIX.

Tails' Stages

Prison Lane - [Sonic Remastered] Ocean Base Act 1 - Sonic Advance 3
Mission Street - Sonic Advance - Secret Base Zone Act 1
Hidden Base - Sonic Advance 2 Remix (Egg Utopia)
Eternal Engine - Sonic Advance 3 - Cyber Track [teckworks cover]

Eggman's Stages

Iron Gate - Dark Arsenal - Team Sonic Racing [OST]
Sand Ocean - Sonic Advance Egg Rocket Zone Theme - Metal Cover || ToxicxEternity
Lost Colony - End Credits (Journey Underwater RMX) - Sonic vs Darkness OST
Weapons Bed - OC ReMix #2066: Sonic & Knuckles 'Chromium Asphyxiation' [Death Egg Zone: Act 1] by Level 99
Cosmic Wall - 1-06 Hedgehog Elimination Engine [DusK]

Final Story

Cannon's Core 1 - Gemerl's Gemination Extra Boss from Sonic Advance 3
Cannon's Core 2 - Doomsday Zone / Big Arms (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) - GaMetal Remix
Cannon's Core 3 - Network Terminal (Outside) (Sonic Forces)
Cannon's Core 4 - Network Terminal (Inside) (Sonic Forces)

Event 2 - The Interrogation (edited) (Detroit: Become Human)
Event 3 - Throw Away the Key (Doctor Who S8)
Event 4 (Sonic v. Shadow, Hero Story) - an edited version of Hello Hello (Doctor Who S8)
Event 5 (Hero Story ending scene) - Nothing Can Contain Us (Sonic Forces)
Event 6 - We're Still Going to Kill You (Doctor Who S8)
Event 7 - The One in a Thousand (Doctor Who S9)
Event 8 - I Trust You (Detroit: Become Human)
Event 9 - A Sacrifice To Save You (Efisio Cross) - for Shadow and Maria Cutscenes
Event 10 (Madness - Before they go all Super Saiyan) - Sun of Despair (Sonic Forces)
Event 11 (going super) - It Doesn't Matter x Live and Learn intro (Sonic and the Black Knight)
Event 12 (Chaos Control - Last Story Ending scene) - Valor and Wonder (Sonic Forces)
Event 13 (Last Story ending/credits) - I Am Markus (Detroit) and Spider-Man (Spider-Man PS4)
Multiplayer Stages BGM

Downtown Race - Blue Coast Zone Act 3 (Sonic Rivals 2)
City Escape - City Escape Act 2 (Sonic Generations)
Grind Race - Arsenal Pyramid 1 (Sonic Forces)
Metal Harbour - That's The Way I Like It... For Metal Harbour (Sonic Adventure Music Experience)
Radical Highway - Radical Highway Act 1 (Sonic Generations 3DS)
White Jungle - Eggman's Facility (Sonic Forces - OST version) 
Kart Racing - Daytona USA Circuit Edition Music - The King of Speed (Part 1)
Menu BGM

Title - Live and Learn intro with some sfx to let you know MSA2 is active
Menu select - System - Select Game Mode (Team Sonic Racing)
Story Select - Green Light Ride before the vocals kick in loop (TSR)
Stage Select - Green Light Ride (Instrumental Chorus) (TSR)
Options - System - Main Menu /(TSR)
2P Battle Select - Battle Menu (Sonic and the Black Knight)
Tutorial - Tips (TSR)

Invincible - Invincible (Sonic Generations) now with added sound effects
Speed Up - Fist Bump for Null Space EDIT (Sonic Forces) now with a bit more bass
Timer (Drowning) - Drowning (Sonic Colours)
Continue/Game Over - Will You Continue (Sonic Generations) + Continue (Sonic Runners)
Boss Battles

Boss GUN Mobile - Boss: Blue Falcon (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Boss 2 Egg Golem - vs. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)
Boss 2A  King Boom Boo - Battle with Death Queen (Sonic Forces)
Boss 3 - Tails vs. Eggman - Now (Detroit: Become Human)
Boss 4 - Shut up Faker! [AmpRen Forces Mix] - Sonic Forces Shadow Boss Theme [Fanmade]
Boss 5 (Sonic v. Shadow 2) - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Concept Theme - Sonic Adventure 2 - For Story (Shadow's Revolt Remix)
Biolizard - Supporting Me (Sonic Forces, Episode Shadow DLC)
Finalhazard now uses the vanilla SA2 music due to popular demand!
Character Themes

Sonic - It Doesn't Matter 2.014K remix
For all other character themes, open Aero's credit sheet to see what songs are used!
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  • Bkans avatar
    Bkans Joined 1y ago
    Will you still fix Rouge's nose or the pink border surrounding Earth in a few cutscenes? Fixing these would make the mod perfect for me.
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  • Is there a way to play this but without the music changes?
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  • is there a way to remove all of the copyrighted music?
    Ebic Sonic Gamer
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  • Maxens Wlfr avatar
    Maxens Wlfr Joined 2mo ago
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    I assume it doesn't work for that Big the cat mod ?
    Mods Enthusiastic
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  • Aaquin avatar
    Aaquin Joined 2mo ago
    using only the mods you suggested and following the config info I seem to be crashing whenever I try to play prison lane
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  • RealmCraftBr avatar
    RealmCraftBr Joined 3mo ago
    173 points Ranked 64,191st
    this mod its a shit
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  • Porkku avatar
    Porkku Joined 2mo ago
    You think you can update the textures on Shadow's vanilla model to make the fur look more, I dunno how to say this, smooth?
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  • I absolutely love this mod! I do have one question, whenever I use it for some reason the objects specifically dash panels
     seem to still be their original versions instead of the ones for the mod is this just a problem on my end cuz it could easily be another mod I have but I am not sure.
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  • Haedrin avatar
    Haedrin Joined 3mo ago
    Hey, thanks for the mod, it's working great!
    I have a question though. I downloaded the Textures Only pack, but it seems like there are still sound effects that have been changed or added (such as the "watch your dick" with the jets in Radical Highway). Is there any way to turn those extra SFX off?
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    4mo 4mo
    Can you lot not report this: "the texture pack crashes the game when a level starts but works in menus"?

    This ain't an issue with my mod at all. Look at how to order your mods in the images above.
    I make SA2 go REEEEEEE avatar
    I make SA2 go REEEEEEE
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