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Persona 5 EX - A Work In Progress for Persona 5.

Progress Report

In Development - 92% finished

A collection of Enhancements, QoL and new content for Persona 5

P5 EX is a collection of custom code patches (and also a mod) made possible by TGE's mod prx implementation that allows both the re-use and total reconstruction of original game functions.

This is the result of roughly 2 years of nonstop research and Reverse Engineering.

P5EX YML Patch: 1.5.3
Mod SPRX YML Patch:
P5 EX Aemulus Mod: 1.8.0

P5R bustups CPK updated: never
Expanded BGM CPK updated: 1/18/2022 - (added individual dlc music)


  • Right click you game in the list in RPCS3, select change custom configuration, go to the advanced tab and enable Debug Console Mode, hit apply and close settings.

  • Right click your game in the game list in RPCS3, select Open Install Folder, this will bring you inside the game's USRDIR folder.

  • Download this cpk (BGM), this other cpk (P5R Bustups), and the 7z file called P5EX_PRX_PATCH at the end of this post.
  • NOTE: You can use the 4k P5R bustups mod with P5EX, you can instead download THIS prebuild CPK with the 4k P5R bustups, rename it to remove the "4k" from the name (so it should just be named P5RBustups_03.cpk) and place it in your USRDIR, and remember to enable the 4k bustups patch.yml patch.
  • Extract the contents of P5EX_PRX_PATCH, it contains a folder called USRDIR, place all the contents of that folder inside your USRDIR folder.

  • Unless you know what you are doing, do NOT touch the config.yml file inside your USRDIR folder.

Your USRDIR should now have the following files:
  • ExpandedBGM_02.cpk
  • P5RBustups_03.cpk
  • mod.sprx
  • config.yml

NOTE ABOUT MULTIPLE CPK LOADING, READ: The game will try to load a CPK file called CommonMods_01.cpk, this CPK is not included in the download, however this CPK being missing will not cause any problems and can be ignored.
(You can make your own CPK and name it that and place inside it big assets that you do not want to be rebuilding often).
(NOTE: Only place assets such as models and sound files in CommonMods, if a mod has to be merged by aemulus, like having tblpatches, DO NOT PUT IT THERE!).

Now open the "patches folder" contained in P5EX_PRX_PATCH, open the patch.yml file, copy the contents of the entire YML and then paste these patches at the end of your own patch.yml file (or overwrite them if updating), be sure to replace the PPU hash with your own, and make sure these patches are both enabled ( Mod SPRX and P5EX) in RPCS3.

(How to find your PPU hash in RPCS3)

And finally, THIS is the mod to be built with Aemulus, place it as your highest priority mod in the list (basically put it as the topmost mod), this mod will also be at the end of this post as a google drive link.
Note: If you don't already have softlock fix for community patches, download it here and place it at the very bottom of your mod list in aemulus.


Randomized DLC Music on any outfit:

  - Edit your config.yml in USRDIR and set "Enable Randomized DLC BGM" to yes

 = Akechi =

  - After defeating the Black Mask boss, Akechi will rejoin the player's party, with Loki as his persona, a new skillset and new weapons (note, if the UI isnt correctly updated to show his new portrait, save and reload the game and it should fix itself).

  - After Akechi has rejoined (and no longer has Robin Hood), (almost) all of Akechi's assets will change to the new P5R counterparts, this includes (but not limited to):

  • new voicelines in battle (includes Japanese audio)
  • new UI elements (such as hp bar portrait)
  • new portraits in mementos dialogue
  • new Phantom Thief model
  • new combat animations
  • new all out attack
  • new particle effects in certain places
  • Full set of Confidant abilities, now has Endure and Protect 
  • Akechi is now available in the final dungeons
  • etc


 = Personas =

    - All non Joker 3rd Tier Personas are available and obtainable (complete with their new P5R skills) on 12/24 if the tier 2 persona is already obtained.

    - The voicelines for these have also been added

    - P5R voicelines for Charge/Concentrate type moves have also been added

 = Game Enhancements =

   - 3 New Ambush themes have been added, they are, Take Over, Axe to Grind and What you wish for (they do not replace DLC music)

   - Player Outfits can now be used in any game cutscene/event where Phantom Thief models would be used

   - Futaba's outfit during combat is now her equipped outfit (instead of always being her Phantom Thief model)

   - Pressing L3 during events will enable/disable dialogue auto advance

   - Each individual Mementos segment BGMs from P5R have been implemented


 = New Boss Battles =

   - The Protagonist Challenge Battles from P5R have been implemented (includes JP audio)

     - If you talk to Futaba in Mementos, you will be prompted to pick one


   - If Joker is lv60 or lower -> Lv50 Challenge Battles

If Joker is lv61 or higher    - Mementos Depths -> Lv??? Challenge Battles


   - Full Moon, challenge Persona 3 Protagonist, Makoto Yuki

   - Foggy Day, challenge Persona 4 Protagonist, Yu Narukami


   - If Lavenza is spoken to in the final dungeon entrance on 12/24, she will ask you for a battle (JP audio included)

   - (Not in this Version) Challenge the other Phantom Thieves to a friendly 1 on 1 battle

   - More in development?


 = Modding =

   - Navigator text files are now external, meaning easy custom navigator dialogue modding (find these in battle/message/)

   - Expanded Skill IDs (made by Scarltz)
   - You can now add new active skills starting from ID 1500 up to skill ID 1999, Akechi's Laevateinn is now located at this ID

   - Myriad Truths and all the new Tier 3 persona skills are located here as well

   - Please report any if any bugs happen with active skills (do not report any bugs related to skill icons, that's just incorrect installation or the sprx and ex yml patches not being enabled)

   - Multiple CPK loading

     - allows loading of mod.cpk ( mod cpk yml patch becomes obsolete )

- allows loading multiple extra mod cpk

   - File Access logging ( makes file access log yml patch obsolete )

   - COUNT quantity doubled (for a total of 512 usable COUNT values), new values are all temporary and only last while game is running

   - Persona using enemies, if Encounter 830 or higher is used, it unlocks ability for enemies above ID 350 to use personas

   - New flowscript functions, refer to this github repo for updated flowscript library with new functions

   - Enhanced Debug logging that can be enabled/disabled, includes things such as printing in tty when BITs are enable/disabled

   - PSZ Model toggle, if disabled, RESERVE Personas will instead always load the PS model and not attempt to load enemy model from same ID

   - Unhardcoded certain TBL allowing for new enemy units to be added, up to (in theory) 999 total

   - All enemies above ID 350 will attempt to use a combat cutin when appropriate

   - All enemies above ID 350 will attempt to load motionse acb and dat files, allowing for custom sound effects per animation

   - Allows custom weapon models to be added by editing an unused value in the weapon's tbl block.

   - certain commands can now be used from the tty tab in RPCS3, check tty tab during game startup for list of commands

   - Global game script that runs every frame (script/

   - Restored cut flowscript function SET_HUMAN_LV (allows you to modify Joker's level)
   - Custom functions relating to character leveling, as well as a function to call your own navigator dialogue via bf

   Alternate Title Screens (requires Expanded BGM and Alternate Title Screens config to be enabled)  - There are now 2 alternate title, when the title screen is loaded, you will now get 1 of 3 randomly selected title screen sets

    - original p5 title screen

    - Royal Days variant ( plays Royal Days BGM and character models will be changed to Red Phantom Thief models)

    - Strikers variant ( plays Strikers BGM and character models will be changed to their solid colored P5S Title Screen models )

Added support for Skill Accessories

  - While no skill accessories yet exist, the code for them has been made and implemented for future use


Unhardcoded Weapon Models

  - Weapon model IDs will now directly be read from the appropriate ITEM tbl data

    - Melee Weapons will read the weapon model ID from field 0xE

    - Ranged Weapons will read the weapon model ID from a RESERVE entry (marked as such in the p5_tbl 010 template at field 0x26)

Midwinter Outfits

  - Not available in this version, but the code and functionality is slowly being made and tested.

 Auto Unlock Baton Pass

 - There is a toggle that makes Baton Pass usable by every party member regardless of confidant rank

P5R Ammo System

 - Just like in P5R, the player has less total ammo, but the ammo will refill after every battle.

 There is a toggle to disable Ryuji's Instakill Confidant ability. 

Ambush BGM DLC Override

  - There is now a toggle in the config file that enables the new ambush themes from P5EX to override DLC Music (by default, both P5 and P5R have both regular and ambush themes overwrtten by the DLC music), expanded BGM Patches must be enabled for this to work too.


The following patch.yml patches are now obsolete as P5EX either replicates the patch or outright has new code for a better version:
  1. mod.cpk
  2. force psz models
  3. force always exist
  4. file access log
  5. fix scripting functions
  6. modding community patches (you still need softlock fix mod!)


 - Any files containing text (such as bmd files) are freely reusable in other mods (i.e Navigator text file, weapon descriptions, etc).

 - Any files containing 2D UI elements are also free to be used (such as spd or dds files) (i.e. party panel spd file, combat cutins, etc).

 - Any other game files contained within this mod are NOT to be used in other mods, if you need functionality or core game files, list P5EX as a dependency for your mod.


This is the result of 2 years of basically pouring most/all of my free time into reverse engineering and understanding how Persona 5 works at a deep level.

While I did have some help in certain aspects of the research, this was mostly a solo project, which is no small undertaking for a singular person, nevertheless, I am quite satisfied with the result!

Please consider leaving a donation if you are able, it would be much appreciated!


Most mods should be compatible with P5 EX, or should be compatible with a simple update, if you think a mod should be compatible with P5EX but it isnt working, try placing it on top of P5EX in Aemulus and building your CPK like that.

Here's a list of mods that I personally use and know are working:

 - Expanded DLC Outfits
 - Mod Menu
 - Colorful Cutins
 - Invisible Battle Menu UI
 - P5R/P5D Font
 - PS4 UI Buttons or Controller Button UI Replacements
 - P5S Title Screen Colors
 - P5R bustups (this mod is already pre-included as P5RBustups_03.cpk) (note: the 4k version and the 4k bustups patches are compatible too, if I get permissions from the original author to upload it as a CPK, I will link it in the main post to replace P5RBustups_03.cpk with the 4k version)
 - 4K Mod by Rexis: Make sure to grab the special build with extended vram.
 - EPIC Party Panel in Color: This mod has been updated to be compatible with P5EX, just place it above P5EX and it should work.
 - Colorful Battle UI: TBD
- Big Personas Backport: P5EX was made compatible with this mod, just place this mod below P5EX (so P5EX above BPB) and it will work.

Every other mod that is not BGM related, or replacing the in battle HP/SP bar UI should in theory be perfectly compatible, so feel free to put the mod over P5EX in Aemulus if you're confident it should work.


- Items obtained from Treasure Chests in Mementos/Palaces will disappear from the player's inventory, as if never obtained.
 You can solve this by editing your config.yml file in your USRDIR and setting "Enable Global Script" to "no" while a solution is found (note, this will disable the ability to toggle auto advance with L3 during events)
- This does NOT work on real hardware! (yet)
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  • Faris~ avatar
    Faris~ Joined 1mo ago
    Going into the movie theater causes the game to crash... Only P5EX and the 4k mod were on (+community patches)
    hehe nandayo
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    " - Player Outfits can now be used in any game cutscene/event where Phantom Thief models would be used" Are there plans to turn this into a standalone mod?
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  • 13d 13d
    I've run into a problem where whenever trying to proceed with the game on 4/11+, I get an infinite loading screen. The log seems to have the same 2 lines of code repeat: 

    ! sys_tty: sys_tty_write(ch=0, buf=*0x15900c8, len=38, pwritelen=*0xd00a4640)
    ! sys_tty: sys_tty_write(): “model/character/9040/c9040_000_00.GMD

    I believe it is referring to a P5R character model of a pedestrian. Anyone have any ideas as to how to proceed with this?
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  • Mercury001 avatar
    Mercury001 Joined 23d ago
    For some reason, certain skill logos are mixed up. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Seems to work flawlessly, so cool!!! Does someone know how to add Darkechi in your party with the mod menu without beating him?
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  • For some reason when I select a protag battle the game instantly crashes, leaving me stuck on a screen with Mementos and Futaba's last line stuck on screen until I close the game.
    How do I fix this?
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  • Yegorao avatar
    Yegorao Joined 2mo ago
    How to open mod content? I mean ranger suits, Akechi, boss fights.
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  • becquerl avatar
    becquerl Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    I'm having a strange bug where the game softlocks when trying to load the second shadow nejima fight in mementos, the one from the "winners dont use cheats" quest. I'm able to get the fight itself (ID 671) to load through the mod menu alright, but the game softlocks again when the fight finishes and it loads back to normal gameplay.

    I actually think the quest itself may be bugged, since I wasn't able to get the tower social link to actually start outside of setting the rank to one through said mod menu. 

    Has this bug been encountered before or is there already a fix in place?
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  • I'm currently having the issue on Aemulus, I disabled any other mod just to be sure, I only have this mod and the community patch mod in the right priority spots. However when I reach the first battle, it says "No usable skills," this seems to be the case in other battles too. Such as the first Arsene battle against 2 Pyro Jack in the tutorial, (from a loaded save) this also has no moves. Any help? 
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  • NightCrawler99 avatar
    NightCrawler99 Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    So now I'm having the crash issue after ambushing a shadow. I looked through the comments and the only solution mentioned was to use the Community Patches Softlock Fix, which I am already using (only the Aemulus package not the .yml patch since instructions said they're not needed).

    Screenshot of the frame where game crashes:
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