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Sonic Throwback Plus

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

Progress Report

In Development - 5% finished


Step 1 finished 13d
  • Overhaul Brand new layout for Green Hill Act 1
  • Addition All zones have music for what they will be changed to in the future
After 2 years of rethinking everything I had with my Original Sonic Throwback mod. I decided to return with it once again. This time, I mean buisness.

After many tries of rethinking the mod, I finally got something I can be proud of working on.

What is Sonic Throwback you may ask? Think of it as Mania 2 almost, just, with probably bad level design, and concerning zone ideas.

I actually managed to get a little help with this, though for the most part, I'll view around here and ask for tips, since the last thing I did for a mod was just a music swap.

The zones planned in this mod are not fully finalized, but do consist of a few new zones, as well as hopefully Rusty Ruins, in which the music shockingly fits Lava Reef Zone.

I got no clue how to make level edits, so me and the guy I'm working with are doing a Trial and Error with Maniac Editor, to get things to work.

Zones: Currently working on Act 1 of Green Hill. Yes, it returns yet again
The layout will be similar to how I was making it as a Fangame, but remixed with my friend's help.

Zone Changes:
Mirage Saloon planned to be replaced with Marble Garden, but may change since I got no clue what I'm doing. If I can get a way for the game to load the Encore version of Act 1 into Mania Mode, Sonic and Tails' Mirage Saloon Act 1 will be replaced with Sky Chase Zone.

Studiopolis will be changed with a brand new Zone, probably Toxic Caverns (My idea of "What if Toxic Caves mixed with Mystic Cave) and if possible, will use the Hidden Palace Badniks, along with retextured versions of the ones from Studiopolis

Lava Reef will be replaced with Rusty Ruins, if at all possible.

Zone Additions
For existing Zones that I don't change completely, I will add in any unused Badnik it may have in it's files.

-Removed older images, that aren't from the version of Act 1 I made
-Both Vs mode, and Encore work perfectly for me


Redo Green Hill Act 2 music Low Priority
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    Your idea is quite interesting and I would like to see what progress you can achieve and then contact you for a special project.
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Development State
In Development



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