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Shadow Mania Revamped - A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

Progress Report

In Development - 42% finished


  • Overhaul -SoundFX & Music
  • Addition Add New SoundFX BubbleBounce
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Destroy
  • Addition Add New SoundFX FireDash
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Grab
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Hurt
  • Addition Add New SoundFX LightningJump
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Losering
  • Addition Add New SoundFX PeelCharge
  • Addition Add New SoundFX PeelRelease
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Release
  • Addition Add New SoundFX SignPost
  • Addition Add New SoundFX Spring
  • Addition New ActClear Music
  • Addition All Remix the special Stage of BlueBlur-91
  • Addition New Music BossEggman 1 & 2 E.G.G.M.A.N and For True Story
  • Addition New Music BossHBH .EXE
  • Addition New Music Competition 2-player Select Sonic Adventure 2
  • Addition New Music EggReviere
  • Addition New Music Green Hill1 & 2 Supporting Me - Sonic Adventure 2 [OST] &Rhythm and Balance (White Jungle) - Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
  • Improvement Music Invencible
  • Addition New Music MetalSonic
  • Addition New Music Results
  • Addition New Music TitanicMonarch1 & 2 Eggmans Facility & Virtual Reality
  • Addition New Music TitleScreen
  • Overhaul Logos, UI, general, etc...
  • Improvement New Items Box from Sonic Utopia
  • Improvement Hub Shadow
  • Addition New colors on the title card with dark colors, thanks to the mod echo by SuperSonic16's
  • Addition New Decoration for title card
  • Addition logos
  • Addition LSelect
  • Improvement the Chaos emeralds was placed in the style of Sonic 1
  • Improvement Shadow in SaveSelect layout enhancement
  • Addition new animation in the UI
  • Improvement improvement on SpecialBS ShadowPlayers
  • Addition Add Shadow Pinball
  • Addition New Colors for Menu
  • Improvement New SuperSparkle
  • Overhaul Compatibility with other Mods
  • Adjustment mod is supported ModernMoveset-Homing+Lightdash by CodenameGamma/SuperSonic16/ManiaAPI
  • Adjustment Sonic Megamix by CnG/SuperSonic16/ManiaAPITeam/Megamix Mania Team
After a long time without updating the mod, everything was working from scratch, everything has improved since the last update, also due to the little time I have for education, I cannot advance correctly, but THE MOD CAN FINALLY ADVANCE.

There will also be a few updates because each update will have more content and more complete.

I also mention that Shadow the hedgehog sprites have not been advanced yet, as I am not that good at creating sprites, so during my free time I am practicing how to make sprites, so I can dedicate myself to learning how to make animations with those sprites, so it took me a while much more to finish the mod.

Update 1.3 1y Overhaul Removal Improvement2 Addition Suggestion Link re-uploaded 2y Suggestion expansion of a level in Green Hill 2y Addition Suggestion Overhaul Improvement Update and Delay 2y Addition3 Overhaul2 Suggestion2

Shadow Mania Revemped

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