Ova Knuckles is back for Sonic Mania Plus!

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

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Progress Report



  • BugFix Added all Knuckles sprites and fixed the stage palette bug
Finished It 7d
  • BugFix fixed issue of ''stage palette'' on the sprites
Fixed Some issues (i hope) 9d
Greetings viewers, this is my first ever mof in public i have ever did so im kinda a newbie in working for this mod, im making this mod because Bendy (fan develvoper) has made a mod that puts Knuckles' old Ova hat in Sonic Mania but then he stopped working on it and it has been (kinda) cancelled but Knux Joestar (Metal Beta) has made a mod for a JoJo Character (as a Sonic Character) into Sonic Mania, he hsa updated the mod a few times but he has never updated it into Sonic Mania Plus, so i wanted to actually make Ova knuckles fully completed actually a thing for everyone. It might take a while because i will be in School in some days and that means the mod will take a while to be finished, so be patient about it.

Credits: Bendy (fan develvoper) for the original Ova hat sprite and Knux Joestar (Metal Beta) for making a mod with the ova hat fully set on the character

Have a nice day Everybody.


  • Ahhhh! This is so cool! Great job! Also if you have discord can you help me on how to make a sprite mod? my discord is "TheAnnoyingDog#6382" also if you can i can't voicechat.
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