Greenflower Zone Act 1

A Work In Progress for Shadow The Hedgehog

Progress Report

In Development - 80% finished
A project to port Greenflower Zone Act 1 from Sonic Robo Blast 2 to Shadow The Hedgehog as both a way to learn how Shadow works while also making what could potentially end up being the first completed stage mod for the game.

The main issues with development relate to a lack of information, a lot of objects in Shadow The Hedgehog have no parameters built in to Heroes Power Plant, requiring me to study the original stages to try & figure out what each unlabelled value does.

Plus, I am unaware of how much of the game's functionality (such as missions) is hardcoded & how much of it is flexible.
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Ensure compatibility for both the Xbox & Gamecube versions of the game Wait for the ShadowSplineEditor to be able to save splines Figure out how the hell Local Lighting objects work


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Development State
In Development


Software Used
3D Studio Max


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