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Restored Palettes + Other Color Fixes (DEMO)

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

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Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


Demo Release + Progress Update 2y
  • Addition Restored GHZ badnik palettes. New palette is still used in Encore Mode.
  • Overhaul All MMZ Badniks now use their original colors, to stay consistent with Sonic CD.
  • Addition Speaking of MMZ, Scarab's body palette and Bee Dude's eye palette have also been restored.
  • Overhaul All MMZ Objects now use their original colors where applicable, to stay consistent with Sonic CD.
  • Tweak MMZ's animated tiles no longer have palette issues in Encore mode.
  • - Progress has been made on MSZ badniks. Roller is about 75% complete. (NOT INCLUDED IN DEMO)
I've pushed a small demo containing GHZ and MMZ for you guys to play around in with the fixes I've made. Do feel free to critique in the comments or ask questions regarding development, I'll try to answer them.
This mod sets out to restore some of the color palettes of various sprites to how they were before Sonic Mania Plus, as well as fix some general inconsistencies in the various color palettes throughout the game.

Changes include:

Badnik Palettes restored to their original colors before the Plus Update

New or modified Palettes for Encore mode that are easier on the eyes

Encore Palettes modified to stay consistent between Acts (Such as the Jugglesaws in Press Garden)

Other various improvements for your enjoyment!

This mod is still a work in progress, so I hope you'll stay tuned for more updates! I'll occasionally push out small demos so you guys can give me feedback and suggestions for future updates!


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  • What about Heavy Shinobi and Mirage Saloon 1K? Those have palette issues, too. Some sprites are black on them.
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    access_time 2y edit 2y
    The lighter blue badniks don't look too bad but the other ones are such huge downgrades from before.

    The new shading on the badniks seen in the first screenshot looks hideous.
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    access_time 2y
    You know, I think you should also change Sonic and Knuckles' palettes too, since I never really understood the reason why they're so bright and light blue/pink. Darker blue and red would fit more, imo, to be more consistent with the Classic games.
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    Not gonna lie I actually do like Light Blue Buzz Bomber but also I wonder why this happened to the badniks pallets anyways?
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