Dust Hill Zone (Demo 1.10)

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

Progress Report

In Development - 60% finished


  • Addition Some of Dust Hill tiles in Act 2 make player fall down below and die. I'm working these Tiles to work right on Sonic Mania so player Fall Down below. Dust Hill Zone Act 2 and 3 level layout is 100% Completed. Dust Hill Zone is now have 3 Acts. Dust Hill Zone Background as not been Add it yet. Dust Hill Zone Gator enemies is not add it yet. There will more Update like fixed some Tiles, Add Dust Hill Zone Background, and add Gator to Dust Hill.
Demo 1.10 4mo
  • Addition Winter Zone is on hold for now. Dust Hill Zone is now available for Sonic Mania. Beginning Act 2 use debug Mode to up top level to avoid dying of Bottom Pit Beginning of Act 2. Also use Debug Mode put End Sign Post to Exit Act 2 because is ending have Bottomless Pit Too. This will be fixed in till next updates.

Please ReadMe.txt for more important Infomation about Act 2. Coming Soon adding Dust Hill Animals to Dust Hill Zone Act 2.

Demo 1.0 5mo
Dust Hill Zone Mod  Wip

This is Dust Hill Zone Mod Wip. Dust Hill Zone will replace Mirage Saloon Zone. Dust Hill Zone will be part Sonic 2 Lost Levels a Sonic Mania Mods. Dust Hill Zone Act 1 have mixed Mirage Saloon Zone and Dust Hill Zone together. I called this flying Dust Hill Zone for Act 1. The Second Act will have real Dust Hill Zone called Dust Hill Zone Past . Third Act have lost zone Winter Zone.  
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Adding Dust Hill Zone animals soon Coming Soon Dust Hill Zone Demo 1


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In Development



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