Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished


  • Overhaul Massive overhaul of the Logo Screen, Spirit Waters, and Xazon Zenith to use Digitized Graphics.
  • Addition Addition of a "Promotional Media" subsection to the RAR Archive to showcase upcoming projects by the team. Consider this to be similar to the "Extras and Previews" section of DVD~based media.

The Nightly Build has been updated to be the one that will be showcased at Sonic Hacking Contest XVI in Late November and Early December of 2018: This build of Bania GE adds dynamic art changes to Spirit Waters in both acts and a glimpse of what to expect from Xazon Zenith, though it will be said right now that Xazon Zenith is in an extremely experimental condition at the moment (especially with the foreground), this is far from finished and it will likely be a while before you get to see the optimized version in action proper.
Please note that the work done to edit and import all of this artwork was done across fifteen days between the times of when I (Roya) uploaded the Shaq Sampler/Early DG build back in April and November 07 of 2018, a massive lot has been going on in my personal life that had caused me to have this project go into such a slow development phase but I promised that I would deliver something and have it be available for SHC XVI's Expo Block, so having this here is far better than having no update at all, I would say.

The Mediafire link has been updated, so all you have to do is download the RAR archive and overwrite the contents of the Shaq Sampler/Early DG build, the rest is plain and simple.
With that said, here's a Video Sampler:

Digitized Graphics Demo (SHC XVI Build) 2mo
"Welcome to the Homeland of Mania Mashups!"

Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition ("Bania" is pronounced as "ban~ya", based on the Seinfeld character of the same name; also called "Bania GE", for short) is a 2017 mod of the PC version of Sonic the Hedgehog Mania (Revision 03) developed by the people who make up Royameadow and Co., with lead development being done by its creator and Top Head Administrator, Roya Rockwood; it is an in progress Total Conversion of the game and an extension to the titular Mashup Mix album Sonic the Hedgehog Bania.


The project for Bania GE started initially as a Mashup Mix album that was created over the course of a full hundred days, spanning from the end of July to Early November of 2017, making it one of the first publicly known mods of Mania to exist; the First Edition of the album would see a release as part of a Promotional Demo of the mod at Sonic Hacking Contest: Fifteenth Anniversary as an Expo entry during that Thanksgiving Week, racking up over two and a quarter hundred downloads in its original launch period, despite the near~virtual lack of any official coverage by the official SHC Media Panel.
Since then, the mod has been in what will be a lengthy process of an overhaul of the artwork, now using Digitized and Pre~rendered Graphics, as well as adding more original tracks and Mashup Mixes to add to the overall experience; other additional content includes:

~ Puyo Puyo Columns: A reskin of the Puyo Puyo minigame using the original jewel art from Columns (1990) and sound effects from Columns '97. Though the background itself is a reskin of the base Puyo Puyo artwork, it will be changed to be more similar to Columns '97 or its successor, Sega Ages 2500 Volume 07: Columns (2003).
~ Ms. Pacman takes over Blue Sphere: All of the Blue Sphere stages played in Regulation (Mania Mode) are remapped to be levels from the Tengen port of Ms. Pacman (in this case, the Genesis/Megadrive port from 1991), as well as unique mazes from the Arcade modkits Ms. Pacman Plus and Pacman: Electric Cowboy. This is also the first mod to reintroduce the phrase "Get Blue Balls", the Beta phrase for the Blue Sphere stage intro, before an official variant was delivered on here as a mini~mod in the months to follow.
~ Custom Voiceovers for Time Attack and Versus Mode: The Voiceover files have been replaced with Roya's own commentary; notable lines such as "Let's Rock!", "Pole Position!", and identifying Knuckles as "Red Dreads" (an inside reference to a DarkspinesSonic stream on Twitch during Launch Day for Mania) will be welcoming to players who didn't like the seriousness of the original announcer cues and wanted a more lighthearted feel towards it.

Nightly Builds will be released from time to time as development continues: Updates to the Nightly Build will be showcased on the official YouTube channel for Royameadow, with the respective Mediafire link being updated at the same time to deliver the build's new material.
A more definitive "Pure Gold! Edition" of this mod will be developed for Revision 04 and Mania Plus upon completion of the original project, it will accommodate for the new additions of the build and also have a cross~platform release if both modding the console ports and playability of Mania Plus mods on Custom Firmware and Homebrew apps will be easily possible.

Installation Disclaimer

Bania GE is being developed from a specially revised version of the original Launch Day build of Revision 03 of Mania (also called Version 01.03.0829), this version of the game is not compatible with MainMemory's version of the Mania Mod Loader and thus means that this mod cannot work with it by normal means.
All you will have to do to install this mod is to replace the Data.rsdk file in your Root folder for Mania (or a copy of it) with the one supplied in the RAR archive's "Master RSDK and Data Folder" subsection; also supplied are the album's tracks as MPEG Layer III files in CD format and a disassembled Data folder for those that want to customize the music; Ogg Vorbis variants rendered in Audacity will eventually replace these so you won't have to convert them yourself.

Known Bugs and Issues

~ Green Hill Cutscene Loop: The GameConfig.bin file was coded in a way that causes Green Hill (Luna Cavernus) Act II's End of Act and Stardust Speedway (Cosmic Century)'s Time Travel cutscenes to lock the game in a somewhat endless loop, as the player will be warped back to Green Hill after completing these particular cutscenes. To avoid this scenario, you will need to have the Dev Menu available to go to the next act or alternatively use Debug Mode to skip the cutscene entirely.
~ Studiopolis Act II Palette Glitch: The Bluer palette of Studiopolis (Cinema City) Act II will only be seen during Regulation play, you will have to complete the first act in a non~Debug Mode run to get it, or else the Turquoise/Cyan palette will show instead.
~ Vorbis files must not be large: The Ogg Vorbis files for the album tracks, when rendered in Audacity, must not exceed 8192 KB (08 MB), or else the game will crash when it tries to play them; the only track known to do this is "Tee Lopes versus Newcleus: Jam on Madness", which is a few hundred Kilobytes above the limit, there currently has been no compression method to get it working properly.


Despite being one of the earliest First Generation mods of Mania in the scene, Bania GE has never seen the popularity nor attention of other high profile and B~List mods; despite this well~known truth, it has received universal acclaim among those who are aware of its existence in response to the content that it delivers.
Viewers and players of the mod have praised the work done on it from July of 2017 to Late April of 2018 mostly for the quality and diversity of the original music and Mashup Mixes, the choice of moving the art direction away from Hand Drawn art to wholly utilize Digitized and Pre~rendered Graphics (a practice not used in official titles since G Sonic/Sonic Blast in 1996), and the original additions made to make the experience more as if it's not the same game anymore while still being the such; the general consensus from reviewers of the Nightly Builds of the project has been "While still essentially being Vanilla Mania outright, it bears a unique and original look and feel, a more ambient atmosphere compared to the lot of the other mods currently seen, and truly has the potential to take the scene by storm once enough work is put into it.".


~ Roya Rockwood: Original Creator of Concept for this album and mod, Art Modifications, Composer and Audio Mastering, Blue Sphere Layout Editor.
~ Ana Gallardo (ZanaGB): Original creator of The Zana GX Font and monitor artwork source for Remastering.
~ Dolphman: Source for any Pre~rendered Sprites of the Super and Master Emeralds used in Hidden Palace '94.
~ Any and all relevant singers and composers represented in the mixes: Original music sources that are either not by Roya Rockwood or Tee Lopes.
~ SiIvaGunner and Co.: Influence for the creation of the Sonic the Hedgehog Bania album.

Special Thanks:

~ Chimera.
~ MainMemory.
~ CodenameGamma.
~ AeroArtwork.
~ Skyth.
~ Tee Lopes.
~ Ashley Belair.
~ Gabriel Paulino (TheGreat5thHokage).
~ Carlos "Chuck" Araujo.
~ Amanda Belair.
~ Jolene Mastropietro.
~ Marnie Biondi.
~ Mangala Mbangu (Banga).
~ Alec Dulong.
~ Kelly Roland (EdgesofEcstasy).
~ Doug Young II (DougRiss).
~ Caroline Brewer.
~ Lauren Self (Luna Marie) (xLunachu/QuantumofLuna).
~ Kelsey Evans (Confused614).
~ Yvette McManus.
~ Ariel Botelho.
~ Shadya Elashkar (PlanetShadya).
~ Amber Levine (GeminiTwilight97/123GeminiTwilight/GeminiTwilight123).
~ Terry Sidney II.
~ Dan Silvia (ZoidsManiac/MechaManDan).
~ Troy Guscott (SuperTNT '94).
~ Kayla Lawson.
~ Danielle Moran.
~ Megan O'Connor.
~ Tim Silvia.
~ Shaquille Pickney (S.M.P.: Soul Music Poetry)
~ Rachel Story.
~ Amber Picon (ChaoticBun).
~ Julie Alice Wilk.
~ Claire Sutherland.
~ Royameadow and Co., all members and staff.
~ And you!
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Alternate File Sources

  • (This Nightly Build will be updated to have the most recent changes. Check with Royameadow on YouTube for more.)
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    Knuckles Team
    And yes, why is this still not deleted? I don't know a legal way to get 1.03, and not updating a mod for Plus that is released when Plus is already made is a weird decision.
    duh gem duh
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    Did you REALLY thought making bad 3d renders and space backgrounds is a good idea?
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    With all of thew work that is already put into this I can't tell if this is supposed to be a meme or not...

    Gonna probably play it anyway.
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    Okay, this looks crazy. Straight up looks like a romhack so far. And only 10% done with all this work done currently? Christ.
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  • All this work and the projects only 10% complete?!

    This is gonna be huge
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    8mo 2mo
    Note: While not a modloader mod, this does function if installed via modloader, with the only notable glitches being that the player gets 100 rings and a fire shield upon the start of a zone, and Super Sonic Palette issues. All one needs to do is to take the data folder, and put into a folder with a valid "mod.ini," which can be generated by pressing the "add" button. This is how I played.  

    Sonic Bania Gold is primarily a music mod, though two zones have had their graphics changed: Green Hill (Clearly unfinished.) and Hydrocity. Neither of these have artistic changes I would call good. Green Hill's changes, beyond Act 2's background (A fairly unappealing "space" background that still has some leftovers from the original). Hydrocity... I didn't notice a single positive change.
    These and Lava Reef act two's sky look like a photo was just pushed into the palette limitations without any alterations. (Same goes for the water.)

    The other art changes are ok, I suppose. Not the best in the world, but the HUD's alright. Spikes could use a bit of improvement, but they're ok.  Sonic's ok. So's Knuckles, I suppose.

    The SFX... Once again, I do not believe there are any changes for the better. The menu SFX are pretty bad in my mind, and the rest of the alterations are mostly just adding reverb for some reason, which I dislike.

    The music is also hit and miss. There are many tracks (Mostly the mashups, which mostly just add reverb to the original song, then add another on top.) that don't really work for me. The ones I like tend more towards the original sounding work, which is more common towards the end-game. Some of these songs (Mostly boss themes) feel unfitting.

    Standouts include: Studiopolis Act 1 and Chemical Plant Act 2.

    The music also tend to be poorly looped, for the few I noticed, and also tend to have a few seconds of silence (Noticeable with the 1-up sound.)

    In short: This personally isn't worth the effort of converting it into a modloader mod. A few nice surprises outweigh the negative side of the mod in every department except MAYBE the musical side, and even then the mashups should be avoided most of the time.
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  • I've been following this project on your Youtube channel for awhile now. So far it's looking great, keep up the great work!
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  • Wow, it's like someone combined Sonic Mania with Ironrind's Sonic Nebulous

    Really cool concepts, just needs to be fine tuned. This definitely won't agree with everyone but you've got support from me. :)

    That intro SEGA also kinda scared me lol. This whole mod is pretty surreal, almost nightmare-fuel material.
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    Wow, the menu sound effects are just the worst...
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  • Wasn't this one of the submitted mania mods in the Sonic Rom Hacking Contest last year.
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