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Mario and Luigi Mania - A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

Progress Report

Canceled at 30% completion


Cancelled + A reflection 1y
  • Addition Proper title screen
I scrapped this a long time ago. I know, I'm sorry, I should have said something, but shit happened and it slipped my mind. Hell, I wasn't even sure if I was gonna finish this mod. However, upon the recent announcement of Alphadream's bankruptcy, I feel I should finally release this mod to the public so people may at least experience for themselves what I made with it.

Mario and Luigi is one of my favorite series' of all time, and its their games that inspired me to make this mod. To hear their creators have gone out of business is extremely disheartening and very sad to hear. Thank you to all of those who supported this mod even throughout the radio silence and I hope you will continue to support me and my upcoming project at SHC2019. I will be releasing a zip containing the files for the mod this weekend.
Fury 3y Addition
It's Mario Mania and Luigi Lunacy!

One peaceful day in the mushroom kingdom, some Toads come across a mysterious game cartridge deep underground. Curious, the Princess and Professor E. Gadd call upon Mario and Luigi to help investigate its power. Unfortunately, their study is soon intercepted by the nefarious Bowser, King of the Koopas and sworn nemesis of Mario. After a brief tussle between the mustachioed plumber and his reptilian rival, the cartridge suddenly begins shaking, and soon sucks Princess Peach inside! E. Gadd explains that the cartridge has transported Peach into some sort of virtual reality that can be viewed using his special television. Seeing an opportunity, Bowser follows after Peach, hoping to kidnap her for himself and conquer the reality inside. Knowing what must be done, Mario and Luigi bravely step into this unfamiliar new dimension. However, sensing the Bros. will follow afterhim, Bowser also sends one of his elite to take care of them. One thing's for sure: This will be an adventure unlike anything the bros have ever seen!

Mario and Luigi Mania, as the name implies, reskins most of the sprites to be those from the famous Mario and Luigi RPG franchise! Mario and Luigi will both be playable, in addition to a mysterious 3rd character that will be kept under wraps until further notice. Changes include animations, sprites, music, sound effects, and a whole lot of chortles!


Add Music and SFX Reskin bosses 8% Low Priority Finish Mystery Character's sprites... Finish Luigi's sprites 12% High Priority Finish Mario's sprites 15% High Priority
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