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  • Addition You can download the new blue palette, or the Sonic Mania' blue palette
Quick update 12mo
  • Addition New blue palette (it's like the Sonic 1 blue palette, but it's to try to be Toei Sonic)
  • Addition Added CPZ cutscene animation (to be honest, the result is pretty bad and lazy, lol)
  • Addition Toei Sonic can already be playable freely in the zones. (Majority of enough animations added)
  • Addition Added Continue screen
Welber13' Toei Sonic Mania (Complete 1.7) 12mo
Toei Sonic, the Comet Hair from Sonic CD. The opening and the final cutscene presented him but in the game appeared the Classic Sonic? Now is Toei Sonic that introduces in game!

P.S: I know there's already someone who was already doing a Mod using my Toei Sonic sprites (yes, I did those sprites, except I didn't stretch and didn't color like that)... I wanted to try my turn now, not just renewing my sprites to the Mania style, I also thought about doing some new ones, and editing some Mania sprites in fact.
It's complete, for now I'm going to be a bit late with the updates, and I can't promise the Knux with a Hat, I'm starting to have some personal problems because I'm 14 and the problem involves distrust.
But thank you very much to all those who liked the WIP, now here is the full version (actually, there are very few things that I didn't care much about changing, like the Bonus Stage sprites).

P.S²: I'll explain my updates, when I send an Update, the download as well. Not
that it has updates per day, it's random, and I have more things to do than focus on this Mod. Also, the version limit is "2.0", but I can't guarantee reaching this version, because, "personal problems"
Anyway, have a nice day!

P.S³: I forgot to mention one thing about the Mod, the idea is make Sonic look like Toei Sonic, and few things will be new because they are just references.

Also, thanks to Aleks for letting me use the title screen sprite, and thanks to WizToad by making the white and the skin shading of the Toei Sonic title screen, and the text on the ribbon.
And I did the title screen Toei Sonic's Blue Shading.
After seeing some videos using my Mod, and see the comments, and the posts of that page... I'm going to type a "QnA", or something like that in that description:

Why did you create it?:
This was the first sprite I did, and to be honest, it was supposed to be the "Tyson Hesse Sonic" and I ended up making a simple pun on the title.
My original Sheet, before being used in Star Warrior's mod
I ended up naming it as "(Kinda) Toei Sonic". When I saw that the sprites were not well placed, I decided to do a revamp of my sprites, and the Mod.
No, the Toei Super Sonic will not be like this, due to the fact that it's not even a little "Toei Sonic"

Why aren't there big changes in sprites?:
Depends on which animation, I don't care much about doing incredible, just make Sonic (try) to be Toei Sonic, and also put some references. And the Running animation was well received by the players, I'm grateful for that! :D

Doesn't look like much with Toei Sonic:
That's why the Sheet has "(Kinda)" in the title, and I've put my name on the Mod title to
be clear that it's my version of Toei Sonic, shall we say or consider.

Anything extra after complete this Mod?:
I can't guarantee and promise too much, sorry everyone ;-;.
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Toei Sonic V2 (True Toei Sonic)
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  • CarterK avatar
    CarterK Joined 12mo ago
    please fix the super sonic sonic 1 palette thing. it keeps getting a yellow shadow spine-line vibe to it.
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  • hey guy I'm making a mod for the sonic mania and wanted to ask you permission to use and edit the sprites of your mod
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  • 11mo 11mo
    Webler13, Super Sonic left me in total shock! Super Toei Sonic looks absolutely amazing!!!!

    EDIT: I think there's a bug that gives Sonic 100 rings and a fire shield whenever you start, though. Not sure if it's compatibility or not.
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    some sonic boi
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  • Trit avatar
    Trit Joined 1y ago
    170 points Ranked 22542nd
    Nice new picture, Welber! :P
    i eat chicken
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  • Welber13 (Dashboy) avatar
    Welber13 (Dashboy) Joined 1y ago
    This mod will probably be outdated in the future, because I'll make a Toei Sonic closer to itself, but: some sprites I will not change, I'll change the head of certain animations (like the Idle animation for example).
    Now I've updated my 2017 Toei Sonic sprite sheet, now I'm going to make a new Toei Sonic that tries to look like Toei Sonic himself.
    just a warning, the v2 post will be separate for those who still like the v1 (I'm being dumb with that expectation) and the v2 will have the name "True Toei Sonic".
    A look of how it will be:
    The lazy pixel artist
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  • Elyos03 avatar
    Elyos03 Joined 1y ago
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    5 medals 1 rare
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    Can you make an alternate version with the normal airwalking animation? Y'know. Without a exclusive falling sprite in the Sonic.bin file. (and SuperSonic.bin)
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  • Stylish_ avatar
    Stylish_ Joined 2y ago
    730 points Ranked 7153rd
    Oh! btw:
    Sometimes when i use the Super Peel Out, the animation is different (instead of Sonic having his eyes mid-closed, he has them completely normal) which i like more, so, any ideas about it?
    This Just ain't right
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  • CarterK avatar
    CarterK Joined 12mo ago
    make a .zip file for it please
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  • Knux Joestar(Metal Beta) avatar
    Knux Joestar(Metal Beta) username pic Joined 1y ago
    129 points Ranked 27512th
    My Friend, I'm proud of you for Completing it.
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    SomeGuyWhoLikesKnuck&Jojo avatar
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  • SonicSpeedster6 avatar
    SonicSpeedster6 Joined 12mo ago
    240 points Ranked 17736th
    The new version causes the UI and the pallet to glitch, and you get 100 rings and Fire Shield at the start of an Act, though I don't know if that's me or the mod acting up.... Any upcoming fixes?
    The Untalented Gamer
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