More Super Sonic Animations (Beta Release)

A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania

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Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


Beta Release
  • Addition "Spring Twirl" Animation Added
  • Feature Beta Download
I'm sorry if I have not shown updates of the mod, I've been busy lately so I did not have much time to work on this
As an apology, I'll let you download the advance I have for now
Relax, I'm still working on this I will try to finish it as soon as possible

Thank you for your patience :)
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Noob Modder13
  • Addition "Stick" Animation Added
  • Addition "Shimmy Idle" Animation Added
  • Addition "Shimmy Move" Animation Added
  • Addition "Breathe" Animation Added
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Noob Modder13
Tired of seeing normal sonic sprites during super form?

Well, this mod tries to fix that problem by adding custom sprites for those animations

I'm not a pro creating sprites, so this might take some time to finish (especially 3D sprites)



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  • 11d
    TheOnyxGuy avatar
    TheOnyxGuy Offline
    Member Joined 11d
    I knew somebody is working on that, I actually was happy when I saw fully complete Super Sonic in Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic Classic Heroes. But when I saw Super Sonic in Mania I was disappoined. But this mod for now includes some more animations and it is gonna be one of the best mods when it will be complete. Yeah, spinning animation is a bit broken, but I hope it will be fixed in future. Good luck on finishing that, I'm waiting for full version ;)
    One more question: Will it be somehow compatible with "Outta Here anims" or "Falling with style"? Or it will have it's own script for this? I can already see Sonic falling sprite in SuperSonic2.gif will it be used in final version of mod?
  • 18d
    I notice you broken both spin and drop dash animations. Also, it doesn't need required some custom sprite, so using regular Sonic sprite is okay enough.
    An unique Pikachu
  • 18d
    SM1985 avatar
    SM1985 Offline
    Member Joined 20d
    Hey! This mod is really cool! I Can`t wait for the final version
    Just a Sonic Mania Modder
  • 18d
    Zolton1956 avatar
    Zolton1956 Offline
    Team Nega Flag Affiliation: Team Nega
    Member Joined 28d
    210 points Ranked 19128th
    Zolton1956 Team Nega Flag
    Team Nega
    I can't wait for this great mod to be finished!
    furry avatar
  • 23dEdited 23d
    the mod is looking pretty good im looking foward to play it when its out :D
    Just a gamer that loves sonic
  • 24d
    Tiniest Turtles avatar
    Tiniest Turtles avatar ZZZ...
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    This is excellent! This should've been in vanilla Sonic Mania!
    I'm a basic turtle like you. avatar
    I'm a basic turtle like you.
  • 25d
    LJSTAR avatar
    LJSTAR Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    As someone mentionned, the "unique sheets for Super Sonic" will come handy for this one

    Also, looking at your sprites, you are doing an amazing job so far, really excited to see the final version ! (i'll definitely download it and replace my default Super Sonic with yours)
  • 25d
    not all heroes wear capes
    A person, man, guy, thing
  • 26d
    Looks great so far. I'll be looking forward to this!
  • 26d
    All aboard the hype train!
    That one guy that goes 2fast4u
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