Silesia country SP mod

A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Progress Report

In Development - 10% finished
Probably my last mapping attempt.

My plan is to connect my counter strike source maps into short signleplayer mod. 

Actually I am working on introducing part (no action). 

Player start in villa map, have to find way to open garage and get car. I made little arrangement in maps to make smooth transition between them, also I added connection maps (undertower, roadway). 

So far I connected my Uvalno maps, next I have to find way how add my city maps (hrabova, sprint trading, pension).

After then, near the end, player get back to Uvalno and play maps again but with action (peaceful place where you started becomes hell).

Due to lack of time and my laziness I guess it will be my whole life project. But I still like mapping so why not to do final piece (when CS Source maps are not needy as CS GO maps actually are). Maybe I will ask for help here.

December 2016

I am working on fy_hrabova map implementation.
Map size increased almost twice (due to changelevel transition). Next level will be cs_sprint_trading map (already made transition part of map). I made and added new prop model - old trash dumpster (called just as "kontejner" in our country)
There will be some challanges in map

  • sniper (have to find out why he dont shoot enemy zombies)
  • combie/zombie combat on square
  • find button to open gate
  • antlion holes to be "closed" with car wreckage

You can download uncomplete mod from my cloud!t5IUlRyR!n9ZvWWdoBmpRn1Z140aWVA so you can take look what I have done so far. Be advised that mod is still under construction, some part may not work (still recompiling)


find out why sniper dont shoot zombies



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