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###Lengthy Explanation This explains the parameters and code in short detail. All I did was replace the spots where u need to put your texture path with text so you knew what you needed. The fog color is a gross green so u might want to change that. Here are a few links I found useful that explain the liquid textures and also a longer explanation of the parameters (sorta). ###Quick Links -Surface properties- -Liquid Parameters- ###Quick Installation Guide - Paste the code below into your textures VMT. - Paste in your textures path. Then save. - You can edit the parameters if they dont fit. *cough* Fog color *cough* HERE IS THE CODE
"$basetexture" "Your Texture Path"
"$scale" "[0.2 0.2]"
"$translucent" "1"

"%compilewater" 1
// This is needed for physics, etc.
"$surfaceprop" "water"
// You must have this. . this is a material that is practically identical
// to this one in most cases. It must have $reflecttexture disabled, and
// you can set for params uniquely for underwater.
"$bottommaterial" "Your Texture Path"
// This is needed for the proxy below which animates the normal map, etc.
"$bumpframe" "0"
// Enable water volumetric fog.
"$fogenable" 1
// This is the color of the fog in the water when looking from above.
// You'll have the same thing in the bottom material for when looking from
// below.
"$fogcolor" "{25 25 15}"
// This is the distance in inches from the eye which water fog starts.
// This has to be 0.0 for edge fading to work properly.
"$fogstart" 0.00
// This is the distance in inches from the eye which water fog ends.
"$fogend" 150.00
"$abovewater" 1
"$texoffset" "[0 0]"
// The water generally looks better if we scale it down a bit
"$texscale" "1"
"animatedtexturevar" "$basetexture"
"animatedtextureframenumvar" "$frame"
"animatedtextureframerate" 15.00
"texturescrollvar" "$texoffset"
"texturescrollrate" .025
"texturescrollangle" 45.00
Thanks to VTFedit and Valve software. -XxSignHerexX


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