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Mu Online Map Coordinates

A Tutorial for MU Online

This will show all the Map Coordinates Lorencia 135,127,Town Center 147,143,Warehouse (1) 147,109,Warehouse (2) 215,243,Noria Entrance (lvl 10) 9,40,Davias Entrance (lvl 15) 123,228,Dungeon Entrance (lvl 20) 65,129,Alex (Shop) 184,136,Peddler (1) (Noob Shop) 8,144,Peddler (2) (Shop) 127,85,Potion Girl (Shop) 125,133,Liaman the Barmaid (Shop) 119,113,Pasi the Wizard (Shop) 118,140,Hans the Blacksmith (Shop) 76,144,Safe House Noria 196,123,Craftsman (Elf Weapons) 173,124,Elf Lala (Armours and pots) 173,95,Warehouse 180,102,Goblin Chaos Machine (Combine items) 149,8,Lorencia Entrance (lvl 10) 240,242,Atlans Entrance (lvl 70) Davias 215,47,Guild Master (lvl 100) 219,61,Warehouse 188,48,Weapon Merchant 228,24,Barmaid 227,40,Wizard (pots and spells) 9,77,Merchant 10,26,Castle (1) 225,237,Castle (2) 4, 247,Lost Tower Entrance Atlans 14,12,Gate to Noria 16,226,Gate to Tarkan Dungeon 109,243,Dungeon (Entrance) 232,124,Dungeon 2 (Entrance) 4,84,Dungeon 3 (Entrance 1) 29,125,Dungeon 3 (Exit to Dungeon 2) Lost Tower 209,78,Lobby(safe zone) 163,3,Lost Tower Entrance 243,238,Lost Tower 2 88,167,Lost Tower 3 87,87,Lost Tower 4 130,54,Lost Tower 5 54,54,Lost Tower 6 7,86,Lost Tower 7 Safe spots in Davias Outside the town of Davias, there are some safe spots. when entering these spots, you cannot attack or being attacked. It works as if you entering a town. The coordination of these spots are, 169,25 171,25 172,25 173,24 199,178 209,178 Hope this helps.


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