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==MUonline== This game is mainly "free". 8 years of developement. I say this because there is not not just one company hosting it, there is many. This is because companies see potential in it and buy it out. MUonline is free at The other places it costs money because they paid to get the licence and host it where ever they may be. MUonline is a MMORPG, which has 5 characters to choose from. These characters basically stay the same throughout the whole game. There is only one quest, well 2 quests that will change 3 of the 5 characters. The characters are: Dark Knight ===> (Quest) ===> Blade Knight Dark Wizard ===> (Quest) ===> Soul Master Elf ===> (Quest) ===> Muse Elf The other 2 characters have a level limitation, meaning you can only create them when you reach a certain level on one of the 3 characters above. Magic Gladiator (Level 220) Dark Lord (300) The basic aim of the game is to level up. It is a "level grinding" game which means that you just keep repeating the same attack over and over to grow a level. Dark Knight has a few skills available to him that use the sword. He only have a couple, so he could get very boring to use. He is based on Strength. You have to get "orbs" to learn these spells Dark Wizard has the most skills available to him in the game, he has spells. e.g meteor, flaming ball hitting the ground. You have to get "spell books" to learn these spells. Elf has a few skills but also has summoning spells. She can summon monsters from the game, but you have to get the "orbs". Magic Gladiator uses some of Dark Knight skills and some of Dark Wizard Spells. But not all. Dark Lord is quite a powerful figure who uses specific scrolls. Like the "Scroll of Summon", you can teleport your party to where ever you are (doesn't matter what world you are in to.) Also he has a special pet that only he can ware, it's called the "Dark Raven". There are several maps you will come accross in this game. Lorencia ==> Starting place for Dark Knights/Wizards/Magic Gladiators/Dark Lords Noria ==> Starting place for Elfs. Davias ==> A snowy town that you goto as you get higher. There are quite a few more maps with freakind strong and huge monsters. There are quite a few items available in the game. But there are way more stuff available in the new versions! Just to name the basic slots: Helmet Armor Gloves Pants Boots Rings (x2) Pendant Creature (something that helps. e.g increase your attack) Wings