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Creating Animated Sprites and Textures

A Tutorial for Source Engine

To create an animated sprite or texture you must first create a tga for each frame of the animation. Name these images image001.tga, image002.tga, image003.tga, etc, etc. Now create a text file with the following format and name it the same as the images (e.g. for the above example use image.txt):
 "startframe" "1"
 "endframe" "3"
Run the vtex command just as if you where creating a single texture, but instead of putting the tga on the command line use the .txt file, e.g. vtex -mkdir -shader sprite materialsrc/mymaterials/image.txt This will create a vmt and vtf file in materials/mymaterials For a an animated sprite edit the vmt file to look like the following :
 	"$spriteorientation" "parallel\_upright"
 	"$spriteorigin" "[ 0.50 0.50 ]"
	"$basetexture" "mymaterials/image"
NOTE: The frame rate and scale of the sprite are specified in the env_sprite entity For an animated texture which can be used on walls or skyboxes you need a different vmt as follows
  "$baseTexture" "mymaterials/image"
            "animatedTextureVar" "$basetexture" 
            "animatedTextureFrameNumVar" "$frame" 
            "animatedTextureFrameRate" "2" 
If you are creating a texture for a model, then change the shader from LightMappedGeneric to VertexLitGeneric. For animated textures the framerate is specified in the vmt file (In the above example it is 2 frame/sec) NOTE: Setting framerate of a spraypaint's vmt-file doesn't seem to work! Tutorial by CannonFodder, brought to CSB by [Xero].


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    Pros: It tells you how to basically get through it easily, and it's basically a copy and paste thing, which isn't bad. I liked this tutorial. Cons: Here is the thing, the tutorial title is misleading, it tells you the final step on making it, but you don't know how to install it, or if you want to edit a sprite or something, it doesn't really help you. Screenshots are not provided but it's still good. You don't have the sizes needed for things, so it might not work for some people. Improvements: Try and add the sizes that you should use, and maybe a FAQ. Like some people get an error where it says it has to be a power of 2. Maybe explain what that means and work on that to make more questions or problems; with answers of course. Notes: Very good tutorial but like said it needs more improvement. : )


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    It's time for another; so I ca
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    Nvm i worked it out good tut
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    wanna-be skinner
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    Is it possible to make a non-looping texture? Like a decal? I'm just wondering. And if so, how do you do it?
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    Nobody gets out alive.
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    Posted by maxdamage68 Is it possible to make an animated sprite for a muzel flash?
    Nah I think the mozzle flash is only a single frame sprite, because valve thought it would be a nice idea...NOT!
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    Is it possible to make an animated sprite for a muzel flash?
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    Share... Enlighten us.
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    : D I use Somtin Else : D
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    ~The Ape Needs Banana~


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