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Pack VPK with VPK GUI - A Tutorial for Source Engine.

Pack your mods with VPK GUI!

This tutorial is how to pack Loose Folder mods into VPK using the VPK GUI.

1. Setting Up VPK GUI

Once you've download and extract the VPKGUI executable to a safe location, you can double click on it.

You may create a desktop shortcut so it will be easier for you to execute it in the future.

A First-Time Setup wizard will walk you through, follow the guide on the screen. If you're unsure, read through the tutorial before proceeding.

1.1. License

Read thoroughly the License Agreement before accepting and continuing further.

1.2. VPK Folder

The VPK folder is where Loose folder mods are located. Ensure that the VPK folder is NOT a restricted folder that requires you to run the VPK GUI as administrator.

For me, since I have multiple storage drive, I'm setting it as 'D:\VPK'. You may want the VPK in your 'Documents\VPK'.

1.3. VPK Executable

Since the VPK GUI is merely a graphical extension, the app requires the VPK package application, which is found in every Source games.

From top to bottom:

  1. Half-Life 2 or General Purpose
  2. Team Fortress 2
  3. Left 4 Dead/ 2

Since April 2021 Update, it's not required to fill all of them up. So if you are modding Team Fortress 2 extensively, you can only fill up the Team Fortress 2's bin directory.

1.3.1. For March 2021 Update and older

You need to fill up the General Purpose VPK exectuable, if you intend to have TF2 and/or L4D/2. If not, the application will crash due to missing executable.

It's best to use the April 2021 update, as it doesn't require to fill up the GP VPK directory.

Do note that the directory should be '...\(Source Game)\bin', or Team Fortress 2; '...\Team Fortress 2\bin'.

After setting up, you can change it via the Info.

1.4. Review

Before exiting the wizard, you may wish to review the settings.

2. VPK GUI Familiarisation

Once you've completed, another form will appear, this is the main menu of the entire application.

On the left, is the list box. This will list all folders within the VPK folder.

On the right, from top to bottom:

  1. Convert Selected or Convert All
  2. Extra Options
  3. Refresh
  4. Info
  5. Exit

3. Pack Loose Folder into VPK

It's pretty straight forward, instead of drag-n-drop into the VPK tool, you can simply use this to pass through the arguments to the VPK.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select one or more folders in the list box
  2. Click on the Convert (don't click on Convert All)

Upon clicking on Convert (or Convert All), a dialog box will pop up, it's the VPK selector option

Click on the desired game that you wish to convert, it's strongly recommend that you choose the correct VPK tool to pack, as it may cause errors and fail to load when you start up the game.

Once you've clicked on the desired game for packing, you will see one more more console windows appearing and disappeared shortly (assuming you are packing multiple and it is small in size).

You can open up your VPK folder and find that there are one or more VPK files.

3.1. For March 2021 Update and older

Select the desired game that you wish to convert via the Drop Down box and click the 'OK' button to start the conversion.

4. Change Settings

To change the VPK tool, you can click on the Info button, and click on the 'Setting'.