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Dynamic Shadows - A Tutorial for Source Engine

Welcome to one of my other Tutorials.
This Tutorial is about Placing Dynamic Prop Shadows in your map.
Sometimes you'd like to make Beautiful Scenes, that's why env_projectedtexture is here!

Pros: Fancy Lighting and Shadows
Cons: It Really likes eating FPS


Add these to your Launch Parameters: -dxlevel 95 -force_vendor_id 0x10DE -force_device_id 0x1180
GPU with DirectX9 (works on Intel HD Graphics)

First of all, Make an Entity Somewhere in your Map (Usually about 64 units Behind a Prop for Best Results) and Change its Class to "env_projectedtexture".

Now Open the env_projectedtexture Properties. You Should See some Options. I'll Explain the Most Important ones.

Target: If you want only one Specified Prop to have Dynamic Shadows (not the Others), Give your Prop a Name and Insert the Prop Name in here. (For This tutorial: oildrum)

Enable Shadows: Of Course, Yes

Shadow Quality:
High - Sharp and Less FPS
Low - Pixellated and More FPS (For this Tutorial: Low)

Light Only Target: Dynamic Shadows Only for the Prop Name you Typed in Target. (Preferally Use this for max FPS.)

BUG: "Parent" is Unusable. Causes an Error if you Parent this entity to another one!
NOTICE: Due to Game Coding, Only one env_projectedtexture is allowed per PVS!

Now go to Flags Tab and Make Sure "Enabled" is Checked. Then Apply and Close the Settings and Compile your map...

Notice: In case you did something wrong/it doesn't works, Use the Link below to download the Example map.
Example Map

Thanks for Reading, Hope you Liked the Tutorial. If you have any Problems, Don't Hesitate to Post a Feedback <3

Have fun! :)