Transport Tube Tutorial

A Tutorial for Sonic Mania

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of using Transport Tubes from CPZ for Maniac Editor. 

Before we start, you need to spawn a TransportTube Entity, and make your layout for your tubes.

1. Directions. To change the direction of the Transport Tube, your type must be zero. DirMask is the variable that changes the directions. Down = dirmask 3. Right = dirmask 9. Left = dirmask 5. Now with up, Things get more complicated. If you have a tube that goes right (9) that leads to an Up Tube (Right Tube comes from the Left of the Up Tube), the DirMask must be 5. Where if it's a Left Tube leading to the Up Tube (Left Tube comes from the right of the Up Tube) the DirMask must be 9.

2. Entering/Exiting. Now that you have built your Transport Tubes, You need to make them enter-able and exit-able. This is very simple, To enter/exit your Tube, the type must be 1. Most entries from tubes come from the top, so the DirMask must be 3 [I haven't exactly testing entering from above, left or right]. Now to exit your Tubes, all you have to do is ctrl+d the Entry if you want to make an exit going down, but if you jump back into it, it sends you back, Which brings us to the next step.

3. Re-Entering. If you enter back into your tube from the way you entered, things start getting complicated. Say that you entered back and you had to turn Left, That original Tube would've brought you down, which would've made the dirmask 3. Unfortunately, going back through the Tube and hitting a direction change with a dirmask of 3 will just make you continue going up. So turning left from coming up would make the dirmask be 6. Don't worry about this though, entering the Tube through the actual entry will still make you go down. Now let's say you want to turn right from the re-entered tube, the dirmask must be 10. 

4. Choose-Your-Direction Tubes. Do you know those CYD (Choose-your-direction) Tubes that you can control with arrow keys? We are going to teach you how to use those! but unfortunately we are only going to tell you the four direction one. So for a CYD Tube, your type must be 5, and for four directions the dirmask must be 15.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it helped! Be reminded I didn't cover everything, I only told what I know.

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