How to make new Video Cutscenes

A Tutorial for Sonic Mania

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A small new update that explains a bit more about OGV importing.

Update 1 10mo

Your guide on making a new experience!

Ever wanted Sonic to surf onto Angel Island? Are you good at sprite animating and wish to make your own cutscenes? Then let's jump into it!

Step 1:
To begin, Open up Maniac Editor and pick a stage from the Cutscenes tab. DON'T choose a level from the Mania Mode tab, I'll explain that later.
Step 2:
Once you've chosen your stage to add your Video into, go to the Scene tab and choose "Import Objects". Go to the Video tab and choose any ending (they all have the entity we want) and import UIVideo.
Step CD:
Select Entities to bring up the Entity Spawner, then spawn in UIVideo.
You can only have one in your level (If you have two in your level for example, It'll take the Video from one of them and the Audio from the other)
Step 3K:
Scroll through the Entity List to find the UIVideo you've spawned in.
Once you find it, Type in the OGV and OGG you wish to use (You don't even need to use the existing OGVs, if you use a new one it'll import in just fine)
Now take a look at the other two screenshots, GotoStage is set to True.
(You may wanna open another Maniac Editor for this step)
stageListCategory is the tab the stages are in and stageListName is the name of the stage inside of it (See pic 4 for an example).
Step Adventure:
It's time to clean up before you test your cutscene.
These steps are gonna help make your cutscenes look like how the endings do.
First off, Get rid of the Music Entity, it'll mess things up for a split second.
Next, If you're in Angel Island Zone you'll wanna get rid of the Animals entity.
(It won't fix everything about Knuckles' opening appearing briefly before your video loads, but it'll help)
Lastly, go into GIMP and open up your cutscene stage's 16x16 gif, and make everything black.
(You don't NEED to do this, but it'll help get the true cutscene experience)
Step Adventure 2:
Save your work and put the edited stuff where they belong in your mod files and test out your cutscene, now you should see your video play instead of the cutscene!
Step Heroes (AKA: some other things explained):
So... What happens if you put UIVideo in a Mania Mode stage? 
Well, No matter where you put it, it will instantly activate the moment you enter the stage. It'll also repeat if you go into a Bonus or Special Stage. If GotoStage is set to false in the stage, the game will continue without music until you force a music change (Invincibility, Speed Shoes, Etc).
What is videoFile2?
Simple. Putting an OGV there will play it after videoFile1 does. If you use this, make sure your audio track also covers it.
I'll update this if it's too confusing or when new discoveries come about OGV importing.


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