How To Change Weapons Clip Size And Damage

A Tutorial for Source Engine

This is my first tutorial, so this might be a bad one...

Let`s Begin!
For an example I`m going to use Half-Life 2 Update. This works on any Source game.
This will not work on TF2 or anything like it.
This only works for versions from 2004 to 2007 (BMS crappy 2013 engine works too).
Entering In The Game Code
[Option 1] Through Steam
Press RMB on the Source game that you want, then a menu will pop up, press "Properties" (The last button), then press "Local Files" on the newley popped up window, press "Browse Local Files..." there and you are inside the game!
[Option 2] Through Files
Go to the disk where your game is located and find where the game files are located.
Example : D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2 Update
Clips, Magazines And Other Things
Press on the game name (E.g. 1 - "hl2" if Hafl-Life 2, e.g. 2 - "gesource"), go to "scripts", copy the gun script that you want to modify (E.g. - "weapon_pistol"), go back and go to "custom" (You should have that folder) and create a folder with any name (Source doesn`t cares about the name) create a folder called "scripts", then you can put in there the gun script. Let`s get over the editing.

This all you need.
Replace the number in the quotation marks after "clip_size"
Ammo In The Pockets
Go to "cfg", then search for a folder called "skill"
Search for this part :

Now you can decrease or increase damage, max ammo amount of clips/rounds

That`s it.

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