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modeling with hammer

A Tutorial for Garry's Mod

1 create prefab in hammer vhe. 
It must be textured with existed materials in game materials 

2 Compile your prefab as .bsp 
no skybox no run game needed.

3 Open. bsp file with Crafty use textured render for models. 
set up steam directory and game profile, materials for beginning can be in .tga format.

4 Export .obj from crafty you can preview yours materials if you install sage thumbs; and vtf shell extension, for vtfedit.

5 Import .obj to XSIDEMO Mod Tool
set camera to textured view 


  For rendering in hammer: textures can be in materials steam game folder they just be converted to desktop for .obj so you will be sure all materials applied.

  In XsI rendering obj for smd - in game maderials; models; your model folder.  dont forget to create .wmt's as VertexlitGeneric. There need to change the path only and export smd and smd _collision

  Choose render; materials and change resources directory for .tga to game .vtf materials one by one; then export .smd, give it name. Also make copy of .smd and add collision to name followed with underscore

6 Open studio compiler and configure game and bin directory for sdk tools 

Add directory of qc file to Studiocompiler, which must be placed in folder where .smd and collision .smd files. Hit run with existed qc.

Preview your model in hammer or model viewer if it textured.


  Save your own vtf files in bgra8888 for best results or if you want some source textures you can change they versions with HxD editor. In 8st column from 5 to 4 and resave.
if source texture has channl mask saved texture in dxt1 format, what export image without transparency if it has.

Any questions or correction appreciated.


$modelname "barricade/barricade.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models/barricade"
$scale 1.0
$surfaceprop "barricade"
$body "Body" "barricade.smd"
$sequence "idle" "barricade.smd" fps 30
$collisionmodel "barricade_collision.smd"
$mass 256

When rendering materials in xsi mod tool use to copying folder path and paste then find vtf texture same as tga and replace.
If you has more vtf to apply on model just open up to 15 vtfs and resave them before uncheck auto vmt. then open all vmt and paste VertexlitGeneric instead of Lightmapped Generic.

you will need ValveSource.6.02.xsiaddon for xsi mod tool.



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