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A Tutorial for Source Engine

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Tutorial about in-game screenshots for your map, for newbies.

Hello! Todays tutorial is for level designer newbies. So, I have seen a lot of shitty map pictures over five years. Anyway, I will show you how to take pretty in-game screenshots. This tutorial can be used on all Source engine games. In my case it's Counter-Strike Source. _Step 1_ - Open your map - Open console, then type this to console: **sv_cheats 1; cl_drawhud 0**

Well done, you have just removed your HUD as you can see. _Step 2_ - Again, open console and type in the following: **r_drawviewmodel 0**

Ooops! You removed the models! Don't worry, thats what we wanted to. Thats it. Now you have to find the best angles to take the picture. For this, I recommend to use the "noclip" command. The rest is up to you. To set back the default settings type this to console: - sv_cheats 0; noclip; cl_drawhud 1; r_drawviewmodel 1 Happy mapping!



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