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Map2Curve - A Modding Tool for Half-Life


v0.7 1y
  • Addition Added RMF export per default.
  • Addition Added carving for detail objects.
  • Addition Added ability of custom origin brush and entity for detail objects.
  • Addition Added random detail object group scaling withing limits.
  • Addition Added automatic assignment of any ungrouped entity to the same detail object group.
  • Addition Added flatcircle command to make Pi circle flat instead of pointed.
  • Addition Added another bounding box type: Hollow box.
  • Addition Added a precise circle spin mode for detail objects.
  • Optimization Added vertex welding for carved brushes and fixing of "borderliner" vertex coordinates (e.g. 128.00002 = 128)
  • BugFix Fixed a problem due to different vertex order of MAP files that were exported from J.A.C.K. editor.
v0.6 1y Addition5 Improvement2 Amendment3 Optimization BugFix v0.5 2y Addition3 BugFix Adjustment v0.4 2y Addition10 v0.3 2y Feature2 Overhaul Addition2 Adjustment BugFix
This program lets you generate Arcs from Goldsource map files.

Documentation: Online Documentation

Planned Features
  • RMF import

Main features:
  • Turns map files into arcs or ramps, or extrudes them along custom splines.
  • Preserves original texture shifts and alignments.
  • Exports into *.rmf, *.map and *.obj file format.
  • Triangulates brushes automatically.
  • Uses WAD3 files (Goldsource WAD format ) to obtain necessary texture information.
  • Processes detail objects and point entities!
  • Rounds coordinates to integer numbers if wished.
  • Creates compilable brushes either way (floating point or integer coordinates).
  • Can use different methods for texturing and curve generation.


RMF Import
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