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ManiaPal - A Modding Tool for Sonic Mania


ManiaPal 2.09 8mo
  • Refactor Cleaned Code And Fixed Some Minor Bugs
ManiaPal is now open source. 

I'm unfortunately unable to write a proper changelog as ManiaPal was not tracked during the version gap.
ManiaPal 2.06 3y BugFix Addition ManiaPal 2.05 3y Refactor Addition3 ManiaPal 2.04 3y Addition2 BugFix ManiaPal 2.03 3y BugFix

A program designed to help people edit palettes for Sonic Mania 1.06.0503 (Build 3617885)

Sonic Mania Palette Editor (ManiaPal) is a program written in C# using the WPF API to allow easy editing and viewing of Mania's Palettes.

 - File: Reading and Writing Palettes from a file
 - Memory: Reading and Writing Palettes to a currently running Sonic Mania instance.

Built-in Supported File Formats:
 - Import/Export for all 8 palettes from GameConfig
 - Import/Export for all 8 palettes from StageConfig
 - Import/Export of Player Palettes also known as 36D6 and Super Palettes
 - Import/Export of UIBackground Palettes also known as BD3D
 - Import/Export of ChaosEmerald Palettes also known as CC54
 - Import/Export of .act for Adobe Photoshop
 - Import/Export of .pal ( JASC and MSPAL) for Graphics Gale and Paintshop Pro
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    Note:This works with Sonic CD act files aswell
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  • MontyTH avatar
    MontyTH Joined 4mo ago
    Excuse me, could you help me please. This program doesn't open the "stage.config.bin" files. When I press "load file" nothing happens, nothing appears. Only the "gameconfig.bin" works. And no version of this program can open it for me. So how can I change the palettes in the stages? I need only underwater palette..

    (I tried using hex editor for it, but I can't understand how to work properly in there and save it all..)
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    Would it be possible to keep the .anim file you're working stay there when you switch to another Palette file so that you won't have to back track to the .anim file you where on.
    My Sonic Is Not Junio/Hesse
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    my pc thinks its dangerous 
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    i shidded and farded
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    Hi! i really!! like you´re mod and i know this is areally stupid what i going to ask you but...can you tell me how to put the Mania Pal on fullscreen? :v
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  • For some reason, it won't let me open .bin files. They just don't show up when browsing for a file to open.
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    Team Disc
    So I am confused. if i am doing a sprite mod for sonic, i add the colors here? wont that effect the other palettes?
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    I make cartoons
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  • how to get pallete in game

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  • Ultimatron X avatar
    Ultimatron X Joined 1y ago
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    I'm using the newest version (2.06) , but the files aren't saving, no matter what I do. Pressing the "Save File" button does absolutely nothing. 
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    Sonic 4 is underrated. Really.
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