ZHLT Compile GUI X2

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Helps Compiling .map files of Valve Hammer Editor into .bsp files

X² supports the new features in ZHLT1.7p15. Furthermore there are these new features: -The problem, that the compilers couldn't find some wad-files is solved -Wadinclude finally works correctly -Wadinclude finally works also with NET-Compile -Text fields like the one at -wadinclude can now be cleared with ESC this is useful because a file open dialog will be shown when you click the text fields -File open dialog at parameters like -wadinclude will only show up if a parameter is activated if there is no file selected already -Sped up the applications' loading time a loading time of skins (including a new progress display) -Presets and projects contain the new options, old presets and projects are converted to the new format at load -New file format for the skins - old skins will be converted to the new format at load -Logviewer can now also load logs and displays the GUI compile log for the current map -Updated help for the new ZHLT features Known "features" (bugs): -Because of the new skin handling you now cannot close the compile window/the preset window after compiling by clicking the X in the title bar. It would be really much work to solve that. For a workaround please use the menu item File->Close or change to another window and click there the X in the title bar. -Although the NET-Compile Server does everything as it is described in the ZHLT documentation to include .wad files into the .bsp (-wadinclude) the .wads I used during my tests weren't included in the .bsp. If you also experience that please post in the forum. That's it. Have fun with the new version.



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