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Why getting S rank is so unfair and hard in R9???

A Forum Thread for Sonic World

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Hi everyone! So today i played Sonic World R9 for whole night, because i couldn't sleep for some reason, and i was trying to beat every stage with a simple missions, where you have to get to the goal in time. And i was actually trying to get S rank, and i got it on some levels, but many others... well, it looks like it is impossible to get S rank on many other levels, which i listed below. And so my question is this: why in the love of god it is so freaking hard???! Cause, like, i was trying to go as fast as i can, but i still can't get that freaking S rank. I was trying to run forward, without collecting rings or attacking enemies, and also i was trying to find some skips, where i could skip some parts of the stage to get faster to the goal, but "it's not use". And that happens to me on all of these stages:
Sart Light
Wacky Workbench
Sky Sanctuary
Twinkle Park
City Escape
Sand Ocean
Power Plant
Casino Park
Egg Fleet
Tropical Resort
Misty Gorge 

Luckily i found a huge skip on City Escape, where you have to play as Tails, but i will not reveal it, so it would stay a secret. Anyway, that doesn't change my problem with geting S rank. Sure, you could just say that there is no need for earning that rank, and i could just play game and have fun because S rank doesn't give me anything in this game, but why include ranking system in game like this in the first place then? So yeah, i just wanna know how fast do i need to go to get S rank. Do i need to speedrun through all of those levels using bugs and skips or what? Cause, to me, the timing that was set on those stages to get S rank was made up by someone of the devs of this game from nothing. Like, they just put random timing for S rank in there and forgot about it. And yes, i respect the work that they done here, and all that, but.. that time, which you need to beat to get S rank is just unfair. And if it was easy like click with your fingers, then i would make my own character, that could speed through any stage in few seconds, to just cheat and forget about it, cause it pisses me of big time.

p.s - No, i didn't played Sonic Unleashed so don't get sarted on how hard it was in that game to earn S rank!
p.p.s - Yes, i played Sonic Generations, and it is easy to get S rank in there. In fact, i hate that game because i don't get that boost gameplay style, and i can't react in time on speed, where you almost can't see anything around you. But i beat that game, and forgot about it like it was a bad dream.


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    You need a high score (at least 50k and above), lowest time / perfect time and high number of Rings.
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    If I remember correctly, every stage has a hidden time limit set for how long you have until you cannot reach the S rank. However, since R9 was rushed, many of the stages have the time set to zero or a few seconds.
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