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BSP Editing without Map Decompiling

A Forum Thread for Source Engine


Hello everyone, I'm working on my High Resolution Cubemaps on Source Games and I'm Looking to Edit BSP without Decompiling. as you know, Decompiling isn't 100% Accurate. So is there anyway to Edit BSP Contents (I Only need to change the properties of env_cubemaps.) without Decompiling?
(BTW Not Entspy)
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    There is not. The map has to be decompiled to edit it.
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    Actually there is, a program called EntSpy. It is on valve developer community page but i think the download link is gone :(

    Maybe there's other programs, you just gotta dig
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    I forgot what it's called, but isn't it relatively common to patch small changes into compiled projects with like a text editor?

    You can open BSPs right up with notepad++ but you'll mostly get [null][null][null][null] tbh
    Not only that, though. If you scroll through it a bit there's plenty objects clear as day

    If you know the exact coordinates I guess you should be able to pinpoint what you're looking for?
    On the other hand;
     Note:This is an internal entity. When the map is compiled by VBSP it is processed and then removed: it does not exist when the map is running.
    so idk but that sounds like you ain't gone find nothing
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