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oh god

im working on a sonic mania mod (How every thread here starts)
and i ran into a wall. I saw a thread (yep giving my life story) here suggesting an oc mania, and considering all my group of friends does is make up Oc's for entertainment, and i have worked on mods for other games, i decided to try making "Zenith Mania" A workover of mania that will replace all of the bosses and the main three (don't have any plans for mighty or ray) with My oc's and my friend's oc's.

I already have worked on their physics and my Oc's sprites but i want to add an extra reward for my character reaching top speed.

His top speed is pretty high but his acceleration is trash. The idea was that anything that touches his front when in the top speed animation receives damage.

I know tails can do damage on only the top of his flying sprite so i know this is possible. I just want a nudge in the right direction.

If i can't get a good answer, or even if i do, i'll probably try to take apart a mod mod that does something similar (if that exists) and figure it out myself like i always do.
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    It’s not possible unless you can custom code a dll
    By the Mania, for an Encore
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