Maniac Editor Data folder error (SOLVED)

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I recently tried making a level mod for Sonic Mania, but when I open it, it tells me to select the data folder, but there is no data folder, I try creating one and selecting that, it just tells me to select it again, even if I make the folder inside of the mod folder.  I tried looking for tutorials, or solutions for this, but nothing showed up, all I could find was a person who just solved it himself and didn't say how he fixed it.
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    You need a GameConfig in the mod’s data folder
    By the Mania, for an Encore
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    Did you extract the Data.rsdk correctly?
    If not, that's probably why. Another reason it could be failing is that the folders you're choosing either (A. Don't contain a GameConfig.bin file or (B. Don't contain the "Stage" folder. I think the folder needs both of those in order to function on Maniac. 
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