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Send Help pls

Hello viewers and modders, im here to say that im having problems on Sonic Mania Plus palettes with my completed OVA Knuckles Mod, for the examples of this problem that i have is: CPZ act 2 when i run with my modded character his gloves (the white part) appears green, the GHZ act 2 Boss (Death Egg Robot) the white part of the robot is missing and its showing only black and finnaly (that i have been testing my mod) half of SPZ (StudioPolis Zone and correct me if im wrong on the name) sprites are black and its probaly missing its palletes; what do i do to fix this problem, im was only reviving a mod that has been cancelled (i guess) and has been modified with another character. Help.

Note: im brazillian so this means that im a little (or a little worse) at english, dont judge by my bad english, thank you for reading this, bye.
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    Are you using the Palette Editor correctly? The green gloves could have something to do with not changing the GameConfig.bin file, or not putting the glove colors on the right spot. 
    I'm not good at explanations, but I hope this sorta helps. 
    If it doesn't, try searching up "Mania Modding Tutorial" on YouTube. There's a REALLY good tutorial by YumeGipsu that explains every basic thing you need to know.  
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