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Hey, I am currently replacing Sonic Manias music with music from another game, but in game it is very quiet compared to the Sonic mania tracks.. In Audacity which I am using to convert it, the volume is perfect, but in Sonic Mania it is too quiet.. how can I make it louder ? (Without overdrive) thx 
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    Press CTRL + A in Audacity (To select all of it), then go into "effect" and when you see "Amplify", click it and press OK. It should be a bit louder.

    If that's not enough, then go to the side and when you see "mute" and "solo", go to the slider directly below it. Move the slider to the right- but not too much- and it should be quite louder.

    Note: If you move it too much, it just turns into earrape. I learned that on accident... ouch.

    Note 2: I installed an addon to Audacity that gives the option to Compress Dynamics (aka make only the quieter parts louder), but I can't remember what it's called, so I didn't include it.
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    Youre giving me a little Mania
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