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Hi I had the idea to change the special stages to Sonic R racetracks, so I would have to change the backgrounds and the textures and the level layout, I know you can do this with maniac editor and I figured you would have to edit the 16x16 tiles. So far so good... I started with the background tiles, I downloaded the background from Resort Island and cut out the mountains in 16x16 pieces, I copied them over the mountain tiles that are present in the first special stage and I alligned them, but when opening the game everying is a mess. Here are pics: https://imgur.com/a/EHos2SQ https://imgur.com/a/LR4qcg1 So I have a few questions: first of, does anyone know how to fix this? second, where do I have to put the tiles? Can I also use the free (pink) spaces or do they have some properties, so I must replace other background tiles? (like I did) and how can I change or add colors to the palette? can I just add them in gimp or do I have to edit some .bin files like when editing sprites? Do the colors have to be in a certain order on the palette? And is there an easier way to change the background or do I really have to cut the whole image which is over 1000 pixels wide into 16x16 pieces? (I assume so). Also if I wanted to add some spining 3d objects like the Sonic R logo in the title screen, how would I do that? (I guess I have to edit the island in the back, which is also 3d). I know this is quite a lot of questions, just answer if you feel like sharing some knowledge right now! :)

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