An Apology to the Fan Game Scene

A Forum Thread for Sonic World

The reason why the 3D Sonic Fan Games Archive Project is cancelled is because lots of people got mad at me for doing this. 

I apologize for the damage this project may have caused and I want to apologize to the people who got really upset by this project. If anyone wants more fangames check out Sonic Fan Games HQ: 

Sonic World's Website is located here: 

I apologize to the Sonic World Team mostly for all this. I also apologize to the Fan Game Scene for all this. I apologize to Sonic Retro as well. 

I especially apologize to Sonic Fan Games HQ and their owners Perfect Chaos Zero and Lange. Anyone who has my Sonic Fan Game Backups downloaded I strongly urge you to delete the backups of these games off of any uploading sites you put them on. 

I especially urge everyone to delete the Sonic World R9 Leaked Copy off of all websites you put it on. I hope everyone can forgive me for all this. Anyone who wants to continue this project: Please don't. It is highly disrespectful to the developers of these games.
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    I had previously posted this apology to pastebin but I wanted to put it on here to get my apology out there to the Sonic World Community for everyone to see. I am sincerely sorry for the damage this caused and I have since then deleted every single Sonic 3D Fan Game Backup on and everywhere else. My next project is the Sonic Flash Content Archive Project. 

    You can download the zip file that has all of the Sonic Flash Content that I have collected throughout the past several days here:

    Contents of the Zip File can be seen here:
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    Uhh, but why did you deleted the whole archive? Maybe you should have deleted R9 .zip file and then have a version without the leaked game? I think that's easy to do.
    I am not a game developer, so i don't think i can understand. I hope the leaked version will be deleted from everywhere, nobody likes leaks, and even me, a simple player understands that leaks aren't something good.
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