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I really need help with this. My game's camera won't stop spinning. I've looked at the official website, I've looked at all the Reddit posts. But nothings helping. I'm using a Wired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
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    The problem is listed on the offical website on the Tutorials/Tips page. Since I can't post links, here's the text:


    A LOT of people had this issue, so if you get a spinning camera glitch, you probably have more than one controller driver installed. The game detects another port being used, so disable the unused port. Because SW detects that and the game thinks the port is being used.

    So disable that controller driver!

    Another thing that might be the cause is the mouse. Try switching out your mouse for another. Don’t switch your mouse to another port, change the mouse itself. Certain mouses don’t work.

    E.g. The red Drafonnor black web mice doesn’t work but the normal Acer mouse did.


    Windows System -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound ->  Device Manager should take you to your drivers. Then trial and error I guess.

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    Have you tried unplugging any other controllers/devices that may be interfering with the game? Tbh, I'm unsure if SW even supports Pro Controllers
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    You can use joy2key to map the pro controller to keyboard keys. To fix the spinning camera, set the camera controls to something other than the joystick. You can use joy2key to map the right stick to mouse movement
    SW Menu Themes
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