The Difference, Steam version and Non steam one

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    The non-Steam copy (if you're referring to the retail copy and not a pirated client) was basically just an older version of the game that was available for purchase before it was available on the Steam platform as an online purchase instead. The Steam version, while essentially being the same game, is different in the fact that A) it requires Steam, B) the voice system was changed a few years ago to support the newer voice system generally used across all Valve titles and on Steam itself (which only applies to the Steam version and not the non-Steam retail copy), and C) the Steam CS1.6 server browser for finding other servers to play on are generally tied to the Steam master servers, which the non-Steam retail copy of CS1.6 is not tied to (in other words, you can see more servers on the Steam copy than for the non-Steam copy).

    It should also be noted that, while partially unrelated to your original question, we usually only support the Steam copy of the game here on GameBanana since there's really no way for us to verify whether the non-Steam copy being used by some players is either an old retail copy or a pirated client, so a Steam copy is usually required for any problems that come up with the game.
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    The steam version also doesnt support Aureal3D and EAX sound systems. It doesnt support DirectX renderer either. Several models are also different, most notably playermodels.
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