Problem with GMod 9 help please

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Hello all, "Your version does not match the servers. Please re-start the game." This is the only message I get when trying to join any server in Garrys Mod 9.0.4 I also cannot create my own server, the game will crash out and a message telling me some index number could not be read comes up. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has this problem. I did check the forums first but didnt find any other threads covering this. I'm not too worried about creating my own server at this point but not being able to join any game doesnt help. Game loads fine in single player, I have the same map as the servers I try to join and I have HL2, CSS and HL2DM installed. Help please. :)


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    I don't think there are any GMOD 9 servers anymore.
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    Get GMod 10 for $10.
    The servers popping up in your list are most likely GM10 servers.
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    No they list as GMod 9.0.4

    And there are only very few. 10 or so last time I checked.

    I tried asking on the main GMod site but they "No longer support Gmod 9".

    There are bound to still be poor people like me who play Gmod 9.

    So can anyone help?
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    Click "Download starten"
    this one does work because its the one i used, come visit me on my server.
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    Yeah, i had that problem and i just downloaded it from a different site
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    Posted by general_zim

    I don't think there are any GMOD 9 servers anymore.
    there are servers,in fact just a week ago we had over 31,thats the highest gmod9 has had nowadays :(.and the normal count of servers we get are 12.
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