Sonic Runners Music

A Sound Mod for Sonic Mania

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Sonic Runners' soundtrack is really great and the favorite of many, so why not replace some music in Mania with the Runners music?
This mod replaces a few songs in the game with music from Sonic Runners, but I cheated a bit and also included some from Lost World (I found it fitting since most of Runners' levels come from Lost World). I couldn't include all the tracks from the game because I couldn't find some tracks that fit with certain levels, but the mod may get updated to add new tracks.

Track List:
Splash Screen over Title Screen
Where To Today (Main Theme) over Main Menu
Ambition (2.0 Menu Theme) over Save Select
Beyond The Speed Of (Windy Hill) over Green Hill Act 1
Spring Emotions (Windy Hill Easter) over Green Hill Act 2
Theory Of Attack (Boss) over Boss Music
Going My Way (Invincibility) over Invincibility
Go Quickly! (Timed Mode) over Super Music
Strange Parade (Halloween Event) over Special Stage
Double Down (Premium Roulette) over Studiopolis Act 1
Tilt the Machine (from Lost World) over Studiopolis Act 2
End Of The Summer (Tropical Coast) over Press Garden Act 1
Magical Snow Day (Frozen Factory) over Press Garden Act 2
Desert Ruins Zone 1 (from Lost World) over Mirage Saloon Act 1
Fiery Passion (Desert Ruins) over Mirage Saloon Act 2
Power Ride (Lava Mountain) over Lava Reef Act 1
Lava Mountain (from Lost World) over Lava Reef Act 2



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    Can't wait for the revival of the original game to be finished!
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Tomoya Ohtani
Sonic Runners OST
SEGA, Sonic Team
Sonic Runners


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Leo210 Joined 1y ago
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