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Voxatron - A Review.

The Final Game of the Humble Bundle

Finally, there’s the retro action based game called Voxatron. The unfortunate part was that it isn’t available on Steam; you have to download it separately. I remember thinking to myself “What the hell is this all about?” when I saw the menu. The game has no storyline; instead you go through challenges and try to unlock the next level. I was skeptical with the game at first -- not knowing what it’d be about -- when I began fighting in this retro-styled game, I fell in love!

Battle Royal!

This might not be your taste of gameplay, or if you’re like me, it might be exactly what you love in a game. The challenges (levels) have a very retro kind of feel to them. The controls are very basic and so is the game. When you start, you go into a level and run around being chased by NPCs trying to kill you. To kill them, it’s simple: you just use your keypad 1, 2, 3, and 5 to shoot them. The NPCs trying to kill you appear in waves and you are given a set amount of time before each new wave of enemies appear. I especially liked this because it brought back memories of being in the arcade: playing Space Invaders or what ever else they had to offer. The issue with the game was that it was very repetitive. I had killed mob after mob of creatures and I had been over the game after a few levels.

Retro’d Out

The graphics hurt my eyes as I had moved around in the world. As you run around, the screen adjusts to where you move, it blacks out areas that are too far too see; as a result, my eyes were very strained by the third level. The graphics are basically just blocks - neon blocks. Some of which were a strobe of neon colors (this including enemies). I liked the whole retro look, but it felt like they were trying to make me have a seizure.

Pew Pew Pew!

The sounds were exactly what they aimed for, and exactly what you would expect when playing a game like this: Retro styled sound effects and cheesy techno. I loved every bit of it. Again, the sounds seemed to get on my nerves, but it was probably because I had been playing this game non stop. Other than that, I didn’t have any issues with the sounds.

Extra Content

There was plenty of extra content here. You can replay your death, Create a level, play other player-created levels ,use several different types of weapons And more! They did a great job in this section -- I can’t complain at all. I didn’t have the chance to try making a custom level -- unfortunately -- but having a quick glance at the map editor it seemed much like Blocks That Matter’s level creator.

The neon almost killed the game for me, but I changed the tint of my window and was fine after that. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy retro games or arcade games. Again, this is for a good cause so please go out and donate!

This is part of the Humble Bundle. For more information on the Humble Bundle read Blocks That Matter or The Binding of Isaac.

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Extra Content

Pros & Cons

  • Arcade Gameplay
  • Retro Sounds
  • Create Your Own Level
  • Neon Graphics