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Sonic Unleashed Review X360/PS3 - A Review.

Slim Sonic and Wolf Sonic

After the failure of Sonic 2006 having a 4.8/10 from IGN Sega revolutionized the Sonic Franchise with one of my Favorite Sonic games,Sonic Unleashed or Sonic World Adventure for Japan
The game was so loved and hated in the time,but most hated for 1 thing,The Werehog,the thing than makes IGN Give the game a 4.5/10 worst than STH2006,And then the people start loving the game just for a PC Port,just like sega did to other sonic games SLW,The shitty SADX Port and the shitty SA2B.
The game was released in 2008 For PS3/X360 and the "Low Quality Versions" for Wii/PS2.
For This game the graphics are just beautiful,LightFields,Light Shafts,Shadows,Glow and a LOT of other things make this game just beautiful.
The gameplay in this game bases on 2 things Daytime Stages and NightTime Stages
Daytime Stages:
The daytime stages is a more Fast-paced game,with and a new introduction to the gameplay,Called Boost, The boost makes sonic go at his top of speed,that way finishing the games,But the people don't like much this features and saying craps like "hOld X tO wIn" or "bOoSt tO wIn",just stupid 
Other things have been added like Quickstep for have a little bit more of movement when going at high speeds,and the Drift for make the curves in certain stages or well broke the speed of the game drifting 
Sincerely this doesn't was good implemented because yeah,in the principal stages you can control the drift perfectly but in stages than was made for the drift like Savannah Citadel Act 2 And Cool Edge Act 3 (DLC) The drift doesn't control very well and the most possible is than you finish dying,The Homing attack also was added in a new way,now feels like a rocket but the bad is than is Mapped to the X instead of A like the other Sonic Games,and what that Homing attack on the X does? Hard Shortcuts,Sometimes you can Air-Boost instead of homing attack and other things than i don't like,and also The framerate in some stages is such a shit like Jungle Joyride The framerate can go at LESS than 30FPS and looks bad,In PS3 the framerate is just bad in some DLC Stages and in X360 AT LEAST The framerate is better but Framedrops still there.
Nightime Gameplay:
The nightime stages are more longer,during like 8 Minutes / 10 Minutes and Eggmanland than is Daytime,Nighttime Stage can take like.... 30 M i n u t e s / 1 F u c k i n g h o u r 
A little bit thing than i don't like from the Night Stages
The gameplay bases in certain part of God Of War,The gameplay bases on Defeat enemies,making sorta type of parkour,Puzzles and other things,that make the Stages longer and with a thing than i don't like and is here.

That fucking music than makes me suffer is just awful,and also the Framerate in this stages are a little bit bad.
Music :
As a Sonic game,the music is just beautiful like all the other Sonic Games I'm not talking about you Sonic 4 Ep 1 and Ep 2
The music for the Daytime stages is beautiful And couples with the Fast Gameplay.
The same for the Nighttime stages,beatiful and couples with the slow gameplay 
and then we have the Day/Night Hubs music
The day ones are good but the Night Ones,literally gives me an orgasm hearing each one of them.

In summary,Sonic Unleashed is one of the BEST Games of sonic,Then we have Sonic Gens and Sonic Adventure,but lamentable IGnorantN gives it a low score and being a underrated game in his time,but then being a game Good for the people Wanting a PC Port at the day of today and having some sorta of this with the Unleashed Project Than ports some Sonic Unleashed stages to Sonic Gens with the Gens benefits,but that is other Story,Bye.