Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

A Review

1. Introduction

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) by EA, just released a couple of days to the public and well you've probably read it somewhere or even seen it on your regular news site. But well we can't say the launch of this game got all the positive attention it was hoping for.

But I'm not here to talk about the lootbox system or micro-transactions! No I am here to review the actual game!

And well for the now 15 hours and counting play time, I can't say that I don't like it. It's actually more than what I was expecting, being totally awesome like it should be... or is it?

Well in this review you will hear my complete personal opinion about the game, not being influenced what so ever by the general ideology that is the game community and their "standards". Do note there will be story spoilers!

2. Story

Starting with the story, and well what of a story I must say. While of course we shouldn't have expected any long story for this rather multiplayer based game, I was delighted to see this actually being a thing in this game.

You play as Iden Versio, commander of the Imperial Special Forces unit Inferno Squad. Her being the whole focus point of the story the perspective change of you starting off as an Imperial soldier fighting against the Republic was a very interesting touch as you don't really see it often that you're playing as one from the Empire.

The whole story starts when the second Death Star explodes, and a final order of the Emperor is given to her.This order however completely changes her life as she then finally starts to see the real truth that hides behind the Empire and their actions against civilian planets all those years she was in service.

In the middle of the story she finally realises what she has been doing all these years and wants to change this. This eventually leads her to joining the Rebellion and to fight the Empire together.

Throughout the story you are also presented by various popular characters perspective including: Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia Organa.

This however does break the flow of the story, and while the story is very linear, it does still feel a bit odd in terms of progression.

But these different perspective of these characters also gives it a nice touch, I especially liked how they interlinked both the stories between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens, especially Luke's story line.

While the general flow is a bit wonky in a linear story, I must say that the story itself is a very compact yet interesting addition to this transmedia story telling that is Star Wars.

In the end a decent four our campaign really gives you the general feel of the game, let you experience all the different kinds of weapons and mechanics of each character, and just provides a very enjoyable experience.

3. Multiplayer

Now for the multiplayer I will probably refer quite a bit to the previous titles of Star Wars Battlefront, especially the previous one made by Dice.

The multiplayer itself has improved quite a lot compared to the first game they released, everything feels a lot more thought through and applicable to this franchise. 

Not only is it properly balanced, it is also just really enjoyable to experience both sides of the game, the light and the dark.

I especially like the improvements they did on the class system, this also takes me back to the original games and how well their system actually worked.

The different weapons and expanded maps just make it all the better.

The game also covering the prequels and even the new movies gives it a wider range of play ability, and this was one of the biggest things I felt lacking in the previous game.

 In general the multiplayer is very solid build upon from the last game and DICE really did a fantastic job on it.

4. Gameplay

Not only is the gameplay more expanded by all the new content compared to the first game, many mechanics also have been really improved upon. Like the levelling system and upgrade mechanics. 

Especially the star cards got in my eyes really improved, and in return makes the whole game that bit better balanced. However I am sure there is still more room for improvements for this.

What I especially love is how much they improved the whole flight system, being worth of a whole game on its own if you ask me (Rouge Squadron Remake Please?) 

The game itself plays really smooth and how it should for a more typical casual first person and also third person shooter!

5. Graphics

The first game already had absolutely magnificent graphics, and DICE certainly didn't skip that with this game either.

The game looks absolutely magnificent, in both models and textures, and is even better optimised than the last one which really made it a nice surprise for me.

From the beautiful planets and environments, to the dark and gloomy corridors of the Death Star, the really thought of every detail to make the game feel and look like the Star Wars movies.

And while we pretty much could expect this from DICE with the Frostbite engine, it does still make me awe from the goodness of the quality as a texture artist myself.

6. Overall

Overall I must say that with the current 15 hours of gameplay I've had with this game, that I am really glad that I have purchased this game, and certainly do not regret pre-ordering it. 

After playing it on Gamescom 2017, I was certain that I had to get this game as well, knowing the EA would probably fuck something up for the consumer base, but well they sure still managed to make it a great game in my honest opinion.

The best part for me is still the space flight of this game, and would really love to see this mechanic reaching it to a full fledged unique game on its own. 

But all in all I love playing it and would love to have some team mates to join me in this battle which we call Star Wars Battlefront 2
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Fun Factor

Pros & Cons

  • Countless hours of multiplayer fun
  • Epic ground and space battles from all the Star Wars Eras
  • Amazingly optimised for the level of quality
  • Short four hours long linear story campaign
  • Progression system could use some tweaks


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