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Powersaves Pro for 3DS - A Review

A Decent Product by Awful People who Love Money

1. L'introduction:

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, something has been on my mind for a while, and simply put I just had to say something. What should have been a good freaking product has been nothing but a hassle and waste of my time. In the end, yes it does work, but how much time are you willing to sacrifice to deal with this bullshit?

And now a review of the Nintendo 3DS Powersaves Pro.

2. Features:

The Datel Powersaves Pro for 3ds registered trademark etc etc is an unofficial video game cheat device for Nintendo 3DS games. For $15, you get:
  • Powersaves Pro (the thing you slot the game card in)
  • Charging dongle (literally USB A to USB mini b cord)Image result for usb to usb b
  • A Unique license key
With this, you can:
  1. Access thousands of playable cheats for 3DS games
  2. Backup multiple game saves
  3. Edit game saves

Examples (in order): you can hack in 99 masterballs, you can create a backup before trading away a pokemon so you still have it once opening up the backup, and you can hack 99 more masterballs.

3. What DOESN'T it support?:

I'm glad you asked. Powersaves Pro does not support:
  • Digital 3DS games/ eShop games (Physical Only)
  • DS/ DSi Cartridges

The first one is a small disappointment, the second one is a MAJOR disappointment.

QUE? Why are DS games not supported? The makers of the 3DS powersave have a dual Gamecube/Wii action replay, so why not both DS and 3DS?

Money. These ding dongs want you to make 3 purchases. If your main intention with the powersaves pro was to hack in some masterballs for your gen 4 pokemon games then think again. If you don't already own a action replay for the DS, you are screwed.

Amiibo hacks are also separate and not at all included.

4. How do I get this to work?

Welcome to hell.

So here is a step by step of what you have to do.
  1. Don't buy preordered. Customer Service will beat your head in because you won't have a license key.
  2. Create a CodeJunkies account. Pair your License key to your account.
  3. Download the Powersaves software.
  4. On the software, enter in your CodeJunkies account AND License key.
  5. Pray
  6. Plug in your Powersaves Pro to your PC using the USB cable. Put a 3DS cart in. You can now dick around with some cheats.

Would everyone please pay attention to step 5? I bought a powersaves pro new, and when I typed in the code it said it was "already used".

Their customer service number doesn't actually exist. It is a sham. Their email took 7 days to reach me and 2 days for each reply. It was awful just to get a new code.

Their website is also really really really cryptic. It took me forever to reset my password once, you have to use a username (no email as username for you), and there was no US site when I used it 1 year ago. There is one now, but it used to redirect everything to 1 UK site, which was a pain in the ass for support and finding codes.

5. Even more limitations.

Some games have a really disappointing code list, and some don't work.

Unless it is a big release, such as a Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, or something like Yo Kai Watch, your game may not have an extensive code list. The only code for "Virtues Last Reward" is a 100% save file. "Kid Icarus Uprising" doesn't have any infinite health codes, or walk through walls codes, or infinite jumps, etc.

The code lists are depressing compared to the code lists of the Action Replay DS. Not to mention there are zero DLC codes (although to be fair this is semi-illegal, I thought it would be worth mentioning), and there is a wait on new games.

This is another "QUE?" moment. You heard me, there is a 30 day wait on all new games and unless you pay them an extra $0.99 per new game to get codes from day 1.

Bullshit. As if there wasn't enough limitations, now they want money. How about no.

6. Conclusion:

I recommend Powersaves Pro to no one. It is an awful product that is required to buy new because of the license key, they charge you extra for new release games, DS games are not supported, nor are digital games, amiibo hacks are not included and is a separate purchase, the support is awful and will have you waiting forever to get some damn help, and the cheats list is disappointing compared to it's predecessor.

4/10 Not worth it.



Save Data Backup
Customer Service
Game Support
Stress you endure
Pay for New Games

Pros & Cons

  • Hack your 3DS games!
  • Save Data backups is an amazing bonus.
  • DS games not supported.
  • Digital 3DS games not supported.
  • Awful interface with awful support to boot.
  • Awful website.
  • Some games have a very small cheat list.
  • No DLC cheats.
  • Limitations on new games.
  • Amiibo hacks are separate.