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Prey (2017) - A Review

1. Introduction

The new rebooted Prey game has been out for a little while now, and I sure had a very great time playing this game for the 16 hours I've gone through it.

Prey first took my attention since last year's Gamescom 2016, where I actually saw the first introduction trailer of Prey. The glimpse that they showed us, was so impressive for me that I really had to play this game once it was out.

One thing is sure, if you'd ask me which game you could compare Prey to, then I would say this would be a combination of Death space and Bioshock.

The general jump scares with the eerie space station setting, with a rather old-modern atmosphere, really gave it a rather unique setting for me.

Especially the way they started the game's setting was for me very interesting, it almost felt that I was another test subject in Aperture Science, but boy that sure changed quite drastically after the whole introduction.

Without going too much in depth to prevent spoiler, I do must say that the way Arkane Studios handled the whole introduction, was totally amazing, and was completely different than what I was expecting it to be.

As some who played the first Prey, will notice that there is absolutely no references or relation to the original Prey, and for that I do think it was a smart decision to give this game a whole new start.

While it might have been also nice to have a sequel, I sure loved the direction they went with this reboot.

2. Trailer

The trailer itself is already very impressive, and if you've not seen it before I really do recommend to give it a watch, as it just shows you various glimpse of the whole new Prey world!

3. Story

You play as Morgan Yu on the "Talos I" space station. Here you witness a quarantine outbreak of the alien species the Typhon.

The unknown aliens spread over the whole space station and you are the one that will have to stop them, not only for Talos I, but also from Earth!

These alien creatures have various ways to harm the humans aboard Talos I, where a terrible faith is guaranteed when facing such monsters.

In the whole story, you have a range of decisions to make, to what you would do to obtain your goals.

These decisions also change the outcome of the story and the reactions of the NPC's that you will meet down the line.

The one thing I do can say is that the overall storyline does come to one finish in the end. Which may or may not be actually a nice thing, as I personally did not really liked the overall resolve of the ending.

The overall ending of this game was actually rather disappointed for me. I experienced four different endings, which seemed to be all pretty much all concluded in the same thing. 

Here I was expecting a bit more of a change with all the actions I took through the story but in general it wasn't all too bad either.

In the end it took me around 10 hours to complete the main quests and six for the side quests. Which for a type of game like this, is actually very lovely.

I first though this game would have been max 10  hours or so, but if you really took your time with everything, you pretty much could reach an overall time of 20 hours!

4. Gameplay

The overall gameplay is actually very well done, it is well balanced between the various difficulties, and the weapons/abilities you receive.

As the player you really get a very lovely range of weapons and abilities which can be used to kill your enemies in various methods.

From silenced pistols, all the way to special grenades that turn every material into their ground properties.

The whole arsenal was just great to use and play with. Even though I mostly used my Golden Silenced Pistol and Shotgun, changing from time to time to another weapon like the Gloo Gun or Laser Pistol, sure was a fun way to destroy Typhon's with.

4.1. Neuromods

Through the whole story and your survival on the space station, you learn a lot of new abilities which can assist you in archiving your goal. Not only can you obtain human, but also alien abilities.

Some of the funniest ability was the shape shifting ability, which you learn after scanning the Mimic Typhon.

With this power you could change in almost any item on the space station, which made you experience the environment in various new ways, and find access to new rooms that wouldn't be able to be accessed normally.

4.2. Suit & Scanner Upgrades

Besides gaining new abilities you can also upgrade your Suit and Scanner, which will also grant you additional boosts like extra jumping power or scanning range.

I rather liked the whole ability to customize your layout of your armor and suit, especially loved the Treasure Hunt side quest, where you really had to do a treasure hunt to get a special Armor Mod!

4.3. Loading

But if there was anything I rather dislike about this game, then it would be the rather long and annoying double loading screens.

The actual overall size of the game's maps aren't that big, so in these years standards and the power of the actual engine, they would have normally made it completely open that every section is freely accessible without any loading screens.

First you would be shown a map loading screen, which was fairly fast in general:

After that you would then be greeted with another loading screen, assuming this would be to load all the textures on the level:

These loading screens really annoyed me, especially as later in the game, you sometimes have to go from the bottom of the Space Station all the way to the Control Bridge.

Which would be around 5 loading screens apart, and those loading screens almost took longer than actually traveling there.

4.4. Crash To Desktop

A sad thing I experienced with a quest late in game where I need to go meet someone in the Neuromod Division which would end in a Crash To Desktop.

I waited for a patch release so I could actually finish that route of the game which is one of the endings.

As of writing this review, the latest 1.03 beta patch actually resolved this problem for me, which made it possible to actually also finish this route of the story.

4.5. Zero-G

The best gameplay mechanic I personally loved was the Zero-G environments, where you could easily go outside the space station and explore the exterior.

The whole movement from how you would fly through space just felt completely normal and easy to learn.

The space travels between the various sections of the space stations where probably my favorite.

5. Graphics

The graphics of this game are more to the toony style rather than the realistic style. But this does give the game an interesting feel, somewhat like Bioshock.

What really did amaze me is how well this game was optimized for being made on CryEngine. Which is for many a very highly resourced engine.

So even with the rather toony and unique styled textures, they really did a great job on the whole environment, to get that aesthetic over.

Various levels, where beautifully detailed, with great varieties of assets, which really resembled what they should.

Both the interior and exterior ware greatly detailed, and optimized making it in general a hell of a great looking game!

6. Overall

All in all I can say that I really enjoyed these 16 hours of gameplay in this very unique sci-fi setting.

If you did not play this game yourself and you're doubting, , then I really suggest you to give this game a try!

For me this game really deserves a solid 8.5 out of 10!
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    Great read! Thanks Rafael. ^^
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    I honestly was thinking of getting the game, but for some reason, there was something that prevented me from doing it.

    After reading the review, I am sure I do want to get it sometime soon. Nice work, Rafael!
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Fun Factor

Pros & Cons

  • +16 hours of gameplay
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Impressive Story
  • Great Sci-Fi Setting
  • Greatly Optimised
  • Weak Ending that all somehow feel the same
  • Double & Long Loading Screens
  • Crash To Desktop Bugs